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SimonsVoss introduces new AX2Go Mobile Key for smartphone-based access control

Mobile. Easy. Secure. It’s with these three promises that SimonsVoss has launched its most recent innovation – the AX2Go mobile key – which is able to open its range of digital locking components with a smartphone.

With the launch of the AX2Go mobile key, the digital locking technology specialist now offers an alternative to conventional identification media, such as transponders and key cards, enabling more flexible and secure short-term authorisations for building service providers, employees and visitors across a range of industries.

Bruce Donald, UK & Ireland Country Manager for SimonsVoss said: “A user simply needs to install the AX2Go app on their smartphone and receive the necessary authorisations from the administrator of the locking system. Placing their smartphone on the lock then opens the door they require.”

The AX2GO mobile key

The new offering from SimonsVoss will allow building and facility managers greater access control and flexibility via smartphones, reduced management costs and better access to real-time data from entrants’ phones.

Bruce continued: “This addition of cloud services to our AX platform means that SimonsVoss customers can now make even better use of our AX components. The new AX2Go mobile key is conveniently compatible with AX locking devices including our Digital Cylinder AX, SmartHandle AX and SmartLocker AX.”

The AX2Go mobile key is ideally suited to enhancing secure access control and efficiency across many industries, including public sector buildings such as educational institutions, museums and theatres.

Hospital and medical care buildings, offices, co-working spaces, and student accommodation buildings are also key application opportunities for the AX2Go mobile key.

Smartphone Replaces Transponder and Key Card

Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the AX2Go mobile key allows a smartphone to be used like an access card or transponder via the AX2Go app, so no internet connection is required to open locks. The app is supported by all common smartphones and with an iOS and an Android version also available, coverage of up to 99% of the smartphone market is possible.

Conventional identification media must be handed over physically – this is no longer the case when mobile AX2Go keys are used. The administrator simply assigns the authorisations in the administration software and then sends these straight to the user by email, text message or via a QR code.

It’s also possible to store multiple AX2Go keys in the app from different locking systems. With an active internet connection, AX2Go allows locking authorisations to be withdrawn very quickly too, to prevent unwanted access.


Data Protection with End-To-End Encryption

SimonsVoss has always been proud to offer a multi-level, extremely complex and secure end-to-end encryption method for all data to be transmitted. This principle has also been strictly implemented for AX2Go, as only programmed components from the same digital locking system contain the necessary information to decrypt the data transmitted.

What is more, it’s never personal data that’s transmitted, as pseudonyms make the data unrecognisable. These holistic data protection techniques also enable mobile or public networks known to be less secure to be used for secure transmission.

In addition, extra security is offered because the smartphone’s display must be unlocked to use AX2Go. Firstly, this means that nobody other than the user defined by the administrator can enter the doors equipped with digital AX locking technology, and, secondly, the unintentional opening of doors is avoided.

A Strategic Move Supported by Market Trends

According to Business Research Insights, the market size of global digital door lock systems is expected to reach USD 38544.1 million in 2028. The demand for keyless solutions has been steadily growing due to increased security concerns and a growing need for remote access management across a range of industries.

A recent Omdia report, 2024 Trends to Watch: Physical Security and Critical Communications, states that the global market demand for mobile credential technology such as the AX2Go mobile key is expected to see significant growth too.

IFSEC Insider’s, ‘The Wireless Access Control Report 2023’, convenience, cost, security, easy upgrading of credentials and a ‘greener’ access control solution than a key card, as the top advantages of mobile credentials. The trend report also showed that 40% of respondents planned to implement mobile credentials within the next 2 years.

For more information visit www.simons-voss.com or email UK-SIMONSVOSS@ALLEGION.COM.


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