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FM’s issue X

For years professionals have been told that X is the most important issue facing the industry. X might be innovation, wellbeing or something else entirely. But in your opinion what is the most important issue that the FM industry will ...

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It’s not what you know, but who you know?

When someone is looking for a new job, how relevant is the adage that “It’s not what you know, but who you know” in the twenty first century FM sector? THE HR VIEW C-J GREEN, GROUP HR DIRECTOR, SERVEST GROUP ...

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The cost of training

Why is training so expensive and how do we make it more accessible to those just entering the industry? THE CONSULTANT’S VIEW DAVE WILSON CFM,  EFFECTIVE FACILITIES We need to start by asking how we are judging the cost of ...

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Chartered FM

Do facilities managers need to be chartered? What real difference does this make to them, their reputation and their career? How much of the desire to become chartered can be put down to elitism? THE END-USER’S VIEW GUY STALLARD,  CHAIRMAN, ...

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Tough sell

This month we ask our panel of experts: With sales and business development people always insisting that their firm is the best how can FMs sift through the patter and find out which service provider best suits their needs? THE ...

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How prepared is the FM industry to tackle the impending skills shortage?

This month at the Facilities Show FMJ will be hosting our annual debate. In it we will be asking whether the facilities management industry is prepared for the fall out from the impending skills shortage? Where are the industry’s strengths ...

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