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Pest problems

Nuisance value

Pests such as rats and pigeons pose a threat to health, safety and public image. Dee Ward-Thompson, Technical Manager of the British Pest Control Association, advises on the best way to manage problem infestations When it comes to effective pest ...

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Pester power

Gulls and other pest birds, such as pigeons, can be a major problem for facilities managers which may not only damage or dirty their buildings but may even attack visitors. A natural solution is the use of trained birds, says ...

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Experts warn of dangerous gull control stalemate, urging businesses to take responsibility

Gull attacks have featured prominently in the news in recent weeks and months with damage to the economy, business premises and risk to the general public becoming a national problem. Last year David Cameron called for a “big conversation” about ...

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Pest Monitoring


In 2014 pests infestations cost British businesses £1.2 billion according to new research. Worldwide the figure was £5.8 billion. With the threat from pests growing every year FMJ looks at the latest plans from across the world to keep rodents, ...

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Pest Busters

The subject of pest control is not one that FMs are often (ever) keen to talk about publically. Having an infestation of rodents, insects or something else furtive and slimy is hardly the sort of thing you boast about. That ...

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