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CIBSE Flush Challenge launches to inspire future engineers

The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) has launched the ‘CIBSE Flush Challenge’ as part of the organisation’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of engineers and addressing the skills gap in the industry.

A unique educational game, the CIBSE Flush Challenge has been designed to engage pupils aged nine to 11 in the fascinating world of building services engineering.

As part of this initiative, which is partly sponsored by CIBSE Patrons, CIBSE STEM Ambassadors will utilise this innovative game during their educational outreach activities at schools, aiming to spark interest and curiosity about building services engineering among young minds.

Each participating team of pupils will receive a specially curated kit, featuring a 3D-printed model of toilet and pipes. The challenge involves assembling a functional flush system that efficiently uses water to flush a small raisin down the toilet. This engaging activity not only introduces children to the fundamental concepts of building services engineering but also instils the importance of water conservation and environmental responsibility.

Key features of the CIBSE Flush Challenge:

  • Hands-on learning: Pupils get hands-on experience in assembling and understanding the mechanics of a flush system, fostering a practical understanding of building services engineering.
  • Environmental focus: The challenge emphasises water conservation, promoting awareness about the need to use resources wisely and reduce water consumption.
  • STEM engagement: The game is tailored to align with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) principles, making it an ideal tool for STEM education initiatives.
  • Skills gap addressed: By introducing young minds to the field of building services engineering, CIBSE aims to inspire the engineers of the future, contributing to closing the skills gap in the industry.

Dan Costelloe, CIBSE Chair of the Talent Pipeline and Apprenticeships Panel, said: “During the creation of the Flush Challenge we wanted to come up with an activity what would combine building services engineering, sustainability and teamwork. We believe that by making learning fun and interactive, we can capture the imagination of young individuals and show them the exciting possibilities within the world of building services engineering, maybe even inspiring some of them to become our engineers of the future. The CIBSE Flush Challenge not only nurtures essential skills but also infuses a sense of environmental responsibility.

CIBSE encourages schools and educators to participate in this initiative, providing students with a unique and enjoyable introduction to the world of engineering. For more information about the CIBSE Flush Challenge and how to get involved, visit CIBSE Flush Challenge.

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