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Ely hospital opts for an EcoCooling fresh air solution to help prevent the spread of Covid-19

The Princess of Wales hospital chose EcoCooling’s evaporative cooling solution to address the high temperatures in both clinical and staff areas. The units work as part of a mechanical ventilation system that provides fresh air and will operate at a fraction of the cost of refrigeration based air conditioning.

The challenge
Not only was the existing air conditioning system ageing and therefore becoming increasingly ineffective, but it was also very costly to run, which was an ongoing concern for the hospital. Another consideration for the hospital was the cleanliness of the air.

The legacy air conditioning system was based on the recirculation of air over refrigerated cooling coils, potentially allowing harmful bacteria to be reintroduced to the areas. Now the opportunity presented itself to install a solution that used fresh air rather than recirculated air, to help dilute levels of bacteria.

The solution
EcoCooling’s evaporative coolers offered the obvious solution, as they met all of the cooling and ventilation requirements for the ward and staff office, whilst being a certified legionella safe system.
Following a site survey, a system consisting of two EcoCoolers was proposed. The new system would provide 40% more cooling than the existing air conditioning system at a fraction of the operational cost. Most importantly being a fresh air solution, there would be no recirculation of air or germs.

Being a versatile solution, the coolers could be installed on the ground, therefore removing the need for roof work, which helped to minimise disruption to patients and staff.

An additional benefit is that open doors and windows do not affect the EcoCooler’s performance so suitable internal non-fire doors within secure areas can be left open, which reduces touchpoints, further minimising the spread of bacteria.

The long lifespan of the EcoCooler also means it will not need replacing as quickly as the previous air conditioning units, which coupled with the significantly lower running costs and simple maintenance procedures make it the lowest total cost of ownership solution for the hospital.

The result
The hospital now has a system that works effectively to ensure comfortable conditions for patients, staff and visitors, even on the hottest days. It is more cost effective to run and substantially more energy efficient than the old system, helping to cut costs and reduce the hospital’s carbon emissions, therefore supporting its sustainability objectives.

Being a fresh air solution, the hospital areas are no longer filled with recirculated air, instead, staff and patients are in a healthy, fresh air environment that is safer as it reduces the risk of infection.

• Keeps patient and staff areas comfortably cool even on the hottest days
• A supply of fresh air that has naturally lower bacteria levels than recirculated air
• Low total cost of ownership, with much lower running costs and a longer life span
• Ability to leave doors and windows open without affecting the performance of the system
• Efficient cooling solution with much lower running costs and energy consumption
• No need for harmful refrigerants, making it an environmentally friendlier solution

“We couldn’t be happier with the EcoCooling installation in our inpatient ward and our staff area. The solution perfectly supports our Trust’s sustainability objectives, not only is it effective and low cost, it uses fresh outside air to help keep the air clean. It’s an excellent system I think it will become more popular as hospitals look to move away from systems that use recirculation.”
Chris Leonard, Estates & Facilities Manager – Compliance & Technical for Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust

For more information visit www.ecocooling.co.uk, email sales@ecocooling.co.uk or call (0)1284 810586.


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