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Employees across Europe are dissatisfied by outdated technology in the workplace 

New research from Ricoh Europe has revealed that there is a significant gap between employee expectations of technology in the workplace and what is currently provided by employers. 

The poll of 6,000 workers across Europe found that two-fifths of European employees (41 per cent) believe that their employer lags behind when it comes to adopting technology that would benefit them in the workplace. 

One in three (33 per cent) report that their remote work set up hinders their productivity, and over half (59 per cent) are bogged down by high administrative burdens. What’s more, only 64 per cent of European employees believe their employers provide the necessary technology to do their jobs well – highlighting a significant missed opportunity.  

Ricoh advises that businesses should look to process automation and workplace experience tools to improve collaboration and streamline repetitive workflows and tasks, ensuring workers are equipped to do their best work. It says that implementing the latest technology, such as Workplace Experience Platforms, AV solutions and enterprise content management enables employees to focus less on admin, and more on value added activities. 

Without addressing these discrepancies in 2024, employers risk losing workers, who may seek alternate employment where their needs are better met, adds Ricoh. Almost one in three (28 per cent) workers cited working conditions and their employee experience as a reason they would look for another job, while a fifth (20 per cent) of employees noted the quality of technology software and technological devices as a leading contributor to them seeking alternate employment.  

Over two-thirds (69 per cent) of employees also believe they would deliver more value to their company if they had the right tools and technologies in place, so, the benefits of getting this right extend beyond talent attraction and retention.  

Nicola Downing, CEO, Ricoh Europe, said: “Looking ahead, it is imperative that businesses align their technology offerings with employee needs, particularly around process automation and workplace experience, which can help employees be more productive and focus on tasks where they can add more value. 

“As our research has revealed, any business which overlooks employee experience around workplace technology, risks losing valued team members who will simply look elsewhere for a workplace that meets their needs.”

The research, conducted by Opinium, polled 1,000 office workers in each of the following markets: UK & Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. 


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