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FM contractors make big cost savings using innovative, British engineering

Aladdin EasyFit isolators are a British designed and built live pipe isolation valve. This valve range has a primary application in Facilities Management maintenance, offering serious cost savings in labour and materials, therefore a commercial advantage to FM contractors (we already have grateful FM customers – see on).

The innovative Aladdin EasyFit isolator is a full-bore, quarter-turn valve, WRAS-approved as a stopcock, which can be fitted in less than 3 minutes to a live pipe carrying hot or cold water,16bar rated. This enables it to be installed into pressurised pipes in minutes using a standard18v battery drill and the tools provided in your Aladdin EasyFit isolator valve starter pack. Two Aladdin EasyFit isolators can be used to isolate upstream and downstream flow in any desired section of an existing system, preventing the need to pipe freeze or drain.

Cooling and draining down a commercial system can take a whole day before intended work can commence, plus a similar time to re-commission. Aladdin EasyFit isolator valves can cut this to a minimum, meaning projects can be completed in hours, leading to increased client satisfaction and significant cost savings.


Aladdin EasyFit Isolator valves are already used by FM contractors across the UK, including Arcus, CSS, Mears, Mitchell & Butlers, SPIE and many more, recommended by Thames Water.

SPIE told us, “We have been able to tender projects as two hours labour, rather than a full day, as no draining down is required.”

CSS said, “Aladdin EasyFit enabled maintenance to be carried out at The Royal London Hospital without having to close the ward or stop flow to a sterilisation room, there was no other option available because freezing cannot isolate hot flowing water.”

Arcus noted that “Installing Aladdin Easyfit allowed an Argos distribution centre to remain open, as we were able to isolate a leak without turning off the main supply.”

Aladdin EasyFit isolator valves are available nationwide from Commercial Merchants, in sizes 15mm, 22mm and 28mm, to suit current EN and BS standard metric copper and plastic pipes.


Ask yourself, why are you shutting down water supplies to whole buildings, causing unnecessary disruption in schools, hospitals, care homes and occupied buildings?

Why are you wasting thousands of litres of water, incurring costs of refilling inhibitors?

Why are you introducing gases into the atmosphere through pipe freezing?

Aladdin EasyFit isolator valves offer an ideal alternative to traditional methods, isolating at the point of works, limiting disruption to a minimum, no water wastage, no gases required, limiting down time to a minimum.

It is time to stop wasting millions of gallons of water every year by draining systems.

Stop introducing additional costly chemicals!

Stop gases being released into our atmosphere through freezing!

Aladdin EasyFit isolator valves are the solution. We can all play our part by using greener alternatives, we can help save our planet by turning to British innovation.

In an ABI Report 2019, the Association of British Insurers urged consumers to act and not get caught out by a frozen or burst pipes during winter. It was only last year that the cold spell caused by the ‘Beast from the East’ led to a tenfold increase in claims compared to the previous year for burst pipes caused by bad weather.

A frozen or burst pipe can be extremely inconvenient, even a small rupture can cause a significant amount of damage to property. It is not cheap to repair. In 2018 the average cost of weather-related insurance claims for burst pipes averaged over £10,000.

Aladdin EasyFit isolator valves allow for quick isolation of burst or leaking pipes, stopping the flow of water in under 3 minutes, subsequently reducing water damage to a minimum.


When to use Aladdin EasyFit isolator?

  • As an emergency shut-off valve for leaking or burst pipework
  • As an emergency isolator where the stopcock is seized or inaccessible
  • To isolate a heating system for component maintenance
  • To save time on cooling, draining down, refilling, and commissioning
  • Where freezing is required, ‘no need to freeze’ Aladdin EasyFit isolator saves time with no disruption to other services
  • As a convenience device in multi-occupancy buildings (hospitals, care homes, hotels, pubs, leisure facilities, and HMO’s) where water supply needs to be worked on without inconveniencing other users
  • Where isolation is required for any water feed hot or cold up-to 16bar
  • As a green alternative, particularly to gas-freezing
  • To allow isolation in areas of a building where none exists
  • To allow maintenance to TMV’s
  • To allow installs of baths, showers, and vessels without shutting off supply to other areas of a building
  • As a replacement for the existing stopcock – Aladdin EasyFit isolator valves are WRAS-approved stopcocks, eliminating the need for a return visit

For further information visit www.aladdin-products.co.uk or email admin@nlbengineering.co.uk

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