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FMs can tap into sustainable hydration solutions via WHA members

The hydration trade body, The Water Dispenser & Hydration Association (the WHA) is urging facilities and estates managers to ensure that, when procuring water dispensers, the shortlisted suppliers are members of the WHA.

The WHA’s general manager, Phillipa Atkinson-Clow, said: “As many office workers are getting back to the workplace, now is a good time for FMs to assess hydration needs. Whatever the requirement, the answer will be found via a member of the WHA. Hydration isn’t enough; it must be healthy, eco-friendly hydration.”

It is no longer acceptable endorse the use of single use bottles and in meeting sustainability goals, installing well-chosen water dispenser systems is a win-win.

Insisting on WHA accreditation on tender documents means that FMs benefit from the expertise of those who are trained to make the correct recommendations and to install dispensers correctly.

Water dispensers are available to suit a variety of needs. Where there is access to plumbing, mains-fed coolers may provide the best option. If there is no access to mains water, a bottled water cooler is best and as containers are reused up to 40 times, they are environmentally friendly. Workplace kitchens for use by staff may benefit from integrated tap system. In public spaces, on-the-go water needs can be met with hydration stations such as those supplied by several WHA members installing free-standing machines offering water refills at no or low cost. For home or hybrid workers, some companies install residential dispense systems to keep staff healthy.

WHA members carefully assess each type of need.

Jon Wicks, the WHA’s chairman, added: “Sustainability is at the heart of everything our industry does. Our strapline – ‘quality, trust, standards’ – represents all the elements FMs would wish to see. Delivering hydration sustainably is easy and cost-effective if you choose a WHA member.”

Find a WHA member here. (https://twha.co.uk/find-a-member/)



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