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How digital self-service can help raise the bar for FM customer satisfaction

In an increasingly competitive space, customer engagement has never been so important – but FM teams that are laser-focussed on efficiency can sometimes lose sight of their customer’s communication preferences. This can lead to situations where, despite exceeding SLA targets, low customer satisfaction levels damage retention rates.

So how can FM teams and service providers ensure a great end user experience whilst also maximising performance and profitability? While it can feel like walking a tightrope, MRI Evolution @yourService can help you achieve the best of both worlds.

Self-service is great service

In recent years, we’ve all gotten used to managing our interactions with brands online, whether that’s booking appointments, managing payments and invoices, or even upgrading or cancelling services. What’s more, many of us have come to prefer having instant access to our information and the option to avoid lengthy call centre queues by carrying out simple tasks ourselves.

Taking advantage of this growing preference for digital self-service can help facilities managers deliver more for their clients, reducing pressure on teams whilst streamlining processes and helping to improve performance against SLA’s. The new @yourService customer engagement solution is an easy-to-use self-service mobile platform, allowing you to do just that. Clients can request services, book appointments and even make credit card payments for services, with all requests sent directly to MRI Evolution (CAFM) for FM teams to action. @yourService brings customers into your FM team’s technology ecosystem, for a truly end-to-end solution.

@yourService can help improve FM customer service and satisfaction in a number of important ways:

Increase end user engagement

MRI Evolution @yourService connects clients with service desks and facility managers, with the ability to tailor language in the portal to remove FM-specific terminology users might not understand, as well as the ability to add a range of custom branding and imagery.

It can also be used to educate clients on the services your FM team offers, whether that’s via a QR code search that returns services relevant to the location they’re in, or a customisable service catalogue they can browse at their leisure.

Regular updates on service tickets via @yourService help individuals stay up to date with the progress of their requests. The app can also be used to proactively notify clients to situations like lift maintenance or fire alarm testing via push notifications sent directly from MRI Evolution. Building operators can even submit feedback questionnaires to provide real-time information on things like facility cleanliness or wait times.

Streamline processes and save time

Self service is not only great for customers, but for FM teams as well. With simple service requests and status updates handled by @yourService, helpdesk teams are free to focus on more complex requirements, ensuring that their time is spent where they’re able to add the most value.

With the ability to add custom survey questions to service requests submitted via @yourService, your team will also have all the information they need for each service request forwarded directly into MRI Evolution. With everything they need to know provided up front, your team can triage issues effectively and deploy the right resources without the need for a follow-up call.

Customers can even add preferences for appointment times when submitting a service request, eliminating the need for teams to go back and forth when scheduling jobs.

Create new revenue streams

@yourService can also go beyond simply administering the service tasks defined in SLAs or KPIs – it can also help to drive additional revenue through the provision of additional paid services.

It’s easy to add new services such as laundry or car washing to your service catalogue, and users can request these in the same way, with the option to make a payment via credit card at the point of booking.

This not only sets clear expectations around the services your FM team are contracted to offer versus the areas where they’re going above and beyond, it can open up a whole new revenue stream for your business, all whilst boosting customer engagement and increasing satisfaction levels.

Upgrade your FM customer experience

MRI Software works closely with FM service providers to understand the challenges they face and support them to achieve their objectives via our advanced technology solutions.

With MRI Evolution @yourService, your FM team can have it all: reduced helpdesk call volumes, improved efficiency and greater profitability, whilst simultaneously improving customer engagement and satisfaction.

To find out more about how MRI Software’s facilities management solutions can help you achieve your customer satisfaction and retention goals and drive a measurable impact on your business performance, get in touch today: visit mrisoftware.com/uk, email info@mrisoftware.com or call 020 3861 7100.

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