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HubStar launches H2O, a revolutionary new approach to optimising occupancy in the hybrid workplace

HubStar, a leader in dynamic workplace management technology, has announced the launch of HubStar H2O, the first-ever hybrid occupancy platform designed to improve in-person connection, collaboration and employee experience while minimising costs and carbon emissions.

HubStar H2O is the first platform that uniquely combines next-generation workplace scheduling, employee experience, AI-driven workplace intelligence, unified data management, and hybrid occupancy planning in one holistic solution.

With the combination of these functionalities in a single platform, organisations can transition from traditional to dynamic workplace management—successfully navigating the fluid new reality of complex hybrid work patterns, rapidly changing employee expectations and economic uncertainty.

Along with the benefits of flexibility, work-life balance and increased productivity, hybrid work has brought new challenges in aligning people, policies and workplaces. Most workplace leaders are still struggling to optimise the hybrid work model using approaches that haven’t evolved since the pandemic.

These legacy tools and approaches—built to handle relatively static pre-pandemic work patterns and office layouts—have served organisations relatively well until recent years. But they are now no longer able to cope with today’s workplace challenges.

Hybrid workplaces have the potential to connect colleagues and friends, foster a sense of belonging and boost wellbeing. However, the administrative burden of coordinating schedules, finding the right days to come into the office, and lack of incentivisation are preventing hybrid workplaces from achieving their full potential.

Workplace leaders are finding themselves ill-equipped to boost purposeful office attendance while maintaining operational controls to meet the constant change of hybrid work. Predicting the types and amounts of space employees require—while reducing waste, adapting office design, and keeping data in sync and departments aligned—are also constant challenges.

HubStar H2O was built to help workplace leaders overcome each of these challenges.

John T. Anderson, CEO of HubStar, said: “While hybrid work has had tremendous benefits for flexibility and employee wellbeing, it’s also created significant strategy challenges for workplace leaders.

“Ensuring workplace experience, workplace design and portfolio optimisation are aligned and working together in unison to achieve business outcomes has been all but impossible until now.”

He continued: “The launch of HubStar H2O comes at a watershed moment in the hybrid work landscape and will support workplace leaders in achieving three key priorities: evolving a hybrid work strategy, improving workplace experience, and optimising office portfolios.”

For more information about HubStar H2O, please register for a virtual launch event on Wednesday June 26th at 11 AM EDT.


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