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Job management software – a competitive edge for expanding FM firms

Successful facilities management businesses that have progressed from start-ups to regional/national level outfits describe job management software as “indispensable”, “tender-winning” and “transformative”.

Whether you’re looking to grow at scale or keep one step ahead of the competition, job management software is a necessity for small to medium sized FM firms.

But what does job management software do?

A best-in-class job management platform takes the pain out of job scheduling, gets you paid on time at the right margin, and lets you deliver more jobs consistently and compliantly against your customers’ expected SLA’s and KPI’s.

Proving your digital capability and providing a better service to your customers is crucial as they look for more modern, convenient services in an increasingly digital world.

A job management platform can boost your customer service whilst streamlining your entire operation at every stage:

1. Bookings

Provide a superior customer experience and boost your profits at the same time. Using an online booking portal, customers can book jobs or call-outs at their own convenience. Smart scheduling can optimise your diary, making time for more jobs or unscheduled work — adding to your profits. Moving away from traditional paper-based and manual processes into a single consolidated online system improves operational efficiency and customer experience.

2. On the way to jobs

Make more money by spending less time on the road. A job management platform optimises every route for your technicians and ensures they have the correct access details, so they can attend more jobs and keep your service standards high. Workers can check out stock, equipment and parts from your digital inventory so they have everything they need on-site to complete the job first time.

3. Attending jobs

Real-time job updates, ETA text messages and GPS tracking on a job management platform mean your customers will never miss their technician again.

Compliance is simple to manage with effective software: risk assessments, COSHH sheets and H&S guidelines are all accessible from the palm of your technician’s hand. Quick and accurate invoicing avoids queries and can ensure you are paid the same day. Your technicians can fill out details on their mobile app, and your customer receives their invoice immediately. Less paperwork, faster receipt, means fewer late payments.

4. After the job

Book follow-up jobs seamlessly, saving back-office staff time on manually managing bookings. Integrated accounting platforms, such as Xero and Sage, mean that invoices can be managed with minimal effort, all on one platform. Instant payment options also offer faster and more convenient ways to get paid. Minimised admin allows your staff to get back to more important tasks.

Make your operation better with follow-up surveys, which are automatically emailed on completion of a job.

The evidence of success is clear for job management platform users

Based in Leeds, BigChange is a multi-award winning field service management software provider. Since 2013 BigChange has been trusted by over 200 FM and building maintenance businesses to help them win more work, streamline their operations and deliver exceptional customers services.

“….since implementing BigChange we have seen real time savings and productivity gains resulting in better quality of service, reduced resources and costs, and increased customer satisfaction. This can be directly translated into contract extensions and new contract awards.” Raaj Bharania, Pinnacle Group.

“…with the mobile app and management tools we have been able to complete 20% more jobs each week and BigChange has also made a dramatic improvement to our cash flow.” Dan Jowett, MD, Kiwi Facilities Maintenance.

“….as a completely digital system BigChange has eliminated laborious paper shuffling and replaced all our disconnected systems… Gone are the days of chasing up engineer reports and when there is an issue, everything we need is a just one click away.” Dean Barber, MD, Nserv.

“…BigChange has already generated an additional £100k of business a year but that’s just a start.  We are already winning business with some of the UK’s biggest names; BigChange simply gives us a winning capability.” Phil Goleby, MD, Cinderella Support Services.

“We have just opened a regional office and because BigChange is a cloud solution setting up the office was really easy… That was a real revelation and BigChange gives us the flexibility to expand freely and nationally in the future.” Heather Taylor, Commercial Manager, DFP

“… We really like the fact that we can write our own workflows and customise it for everything we do. It is a flexible system and being a cloud service, it allows us to grow in line with our sustainability agenda without being burdened by IT capability or capacity.” Kevin Sherwood, MD, Sherwoods

“With greatly improved, online reporting, we can meet the stringent demands of the biggest operators in areas such as facilities management and insurance. It means we can expand to new areas and, with such a powerful cloud and mobile working solution, there are no longer barriers to expanding nationally.“  Mark Flanagan, Client Services Director, RFM Group

BigChange’s job management platform brings together customer relationship management (CRM), job scheduling, live tracking, field resource management, job finance and business intelligence into a single, simple to use and easy to integrate online system. Find out how BigChange could help your business grow stronger at www.bigchange.com


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