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Kärcher Professional puts productivity and efficiency centre stage

As businesses look to optimise cleaning policies and procedures, productivity and efficiency targets will be top of the list. To support businesses of all sizes, Kärcher Professional end-to-end solutions enable facilities managers to meet and exceed targets by understanding and answering the individual needs of each cleaning operator and deliver tangible business benefits. Simply purchasing new machines will not provide results if the staff are not trained on how best to use them, where they should be used, and when they should be used.

To help facilities managers extract the most from their machines Kärcher has focused on three main areas: reliability, cost-effectiveness, and service. Combined, these three elements ensure that Kärcher is the go-to supplier for facilities managers looking to boost productivity, increase cleaning efficiency, and maximise overall cleaning performance.

Kärcher’s range of robust, durable, and reliable machines have been designed to run 24/7 to support facilities managers in every stage of their clean whilst meeting the demands of heavy use. Ensuring that machines are kept functioning is crucial to reducing downtime. Real time reporting and diagnostics can be run on Kärcher machines across multiple sites, so facilities managers always have a clear understanding of the status of their fleet.

Kärcher’s triage service is another high-level offering that keeps operations running smoothly. Manned by trained engineers, the helpdesk can often diagnose any issues remotely so if there are easy fixes, they can guide customers to carry out the fix themselves.

If an in-person visit is required, Kärcher’s engineers will already have an idea of the issue, resulting in a faster fix which saves time and money. Kärcher has the widest selection of spare parts, curated from multiple insights, and its inventory is housed at nationwide locations meaning Kärcher can get the parts to businesses quickly to minimise disruption. With an 85% first time fix rate, Kärcher’s machines and support services always have customer needs in mind. Kärcher’s engineers are not targeted on the number of parts sold but on the speed of the fix, so they will not sell unnecessary spare parts and operate at the highest level.

To help bring down the costs but maximise performance, Kärcher has used its industry leading technology to develop productive, user-friendly machines. Functions such as easy!operation, enable cleaners to swiftly get to grips with different equipment. The machines can be set to distinctive cleaning modes enabling multiple staff members to use the same item to achieve the same level of clean. Alongside this, the Kärcher Intelligent Key (KIK) system enables facilities managers to lock machines into unique set-ups, perfect for use on uneven or unusual cleaning spaces.

For businesses without the means to purchase a fleet of cleaning machines outright, Kärcher’s unique Kärcher Hire service enables users to gain access its market-leading machines. The team at Kärcher Hire works with cleaning providers to understand individual needs to ensure deployment of the right equipment to deliver Kärcher’s superior cleaning power and quality. 90% of the machines available through Kärcher Hire are less than five years old, ensuring facilities managers get access to the latest in cleaning technology.

Further supporting facilities managers to ensure they get the most out of their machines, the Kärcher Academy is on hand to train staff to utilise the machines to their full potential. The Kärcher Academy delivers market-leading training courses, held both in person at its Banbury facility and virtually, to offer staff hands-on training as part of a continual learning process that will boost productivity and cleaning efficiency.

Whatever the individual cleaning needs may be, Kärcher has the scale to provide an unparalleled level of support with the ability to deliver over 21,500 service call outs every year along with innovative cleaning technology enabling facilities managers to deliver the best results. When cleaning matters, Kärcher Professional delivers.

For more information visit www.kaercher.com/uk/professional.html or call 01295 752 082.


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