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Marble Arch London BID appoints SecuriGroup to its Street Team

Marble Arch London BID has appointed SecuriGroup to operate its Street Team, as part of its ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its members, visitors and the local community.

The Marble Arch Street Team was established by Marble Arch London BID in August 2016 to address concerns from member businesses about the high levels of anti-social behaviour in the area. Since then, the Street Team has become a go-to resource for businesses in the area providing a visible, reassuring presence on the street, and offering practical support to local businesses and visitors, especially throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kay Buxton, Chief Executive, Marble Arch London BID, commented: “Our Street Team has become an invaluable service for those who live, work, do business and visit the Marble Arch area. From reducing levels of crime and anti-social behaviour, to helping to guide tourists around the area and managing social distancing throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the Street Team contributes to the overall experience and confidence in this location for businesses, their customers, guests, and the wider community.

“As part of our renewal commitment to continue to create a safe and welcoming environment for all, we have now appointed one of the best-in-class security companies with an excellent track record to bring us an enhanced service as we continue to support our members during the reopening of Central London and beyond. Tackling new and emerging crime trends like mobile phone and distraction thefts, SecuriGroup will support the BID’s dedicated Business Crime Group to target training and build capacity among members, to protect all users of the district’s many assets.”

The Marble Arch Street Team will continue to look after the whole of the BID area which stretches from Park Lane in the south, along Edgware Road, to Paddington Green in the north, taking in Connaught Village to the west and Marylebone to the east. Working closely with the Metropolitan Police, Westminster City Council, Transport for London and homeless agencies, the BID and SecuriGroup will support members be they hotels, shops, late night venues, restaurants, office occupiers, pubs or schools; tackling anti-social behaviour, reporting and removing environmental risks, referring vulnerable people to agencies, dealing with pedicabs, moving on organised beggars, responding to business requests for assistance, and helping visitors navigate the area.

Marble Arch London BID will also benefit from SecuriGroup’s reporting platform ‘SecuriGo’ which will vastly improve reporting efficiency and enhance the BID’s ability to use the statistics generated by the system to decide where to deploy resources and generate insights.

Allan Burnett QPM, Senior Operations Director at SecuriGroup, and former Assistant Chief Constable and Coordinator for Counter-terrorism, commented: “SecuriGroup is delighted to have been awarded this opportunity. The Street Team is such an important resource dealing with a big range of issues and providing visible reassurance. SecuriGroup looks forward to working with all stakeholders. We intend to be effective partners adding our expertise and enthusiasm to the benefit of all.”

The new and improved Street Team is now active across the Marble Arch district.

FMJ and Grundon Waste Management have launched the 2021 waste and recycling management survey. It’s the fourth year for the annual appraisal of how FMs manage their waste and recycling activities and one which marks an unprecedented period of disruption to services due to the pandemic.

In order to understand how FMs have navigated their way through the last year and their plans for meeting stringent waste and recycling targets we’ve posed a series of questions – aided by the advice and experience of our editorial steering committee.

The results of the 2021 survey will be published in FMJ magazine and form the basis of a white paper co-written by FMJ and the experts at Grundon on how to approach waste and recycling strategies.

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