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Micro markets- the new innovative way to feed your staff

Three Square Market (32M) is a global provider for self-pay solutions, specialising in micro-markets. A micro-market is a fully unattended self-pay store that operates 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, a convenience-style marketplace offering individuals endless options when it comes to food and beverages and everyday needs.

Patrons will take their item from the shelf/cooler, scan them at the kiosk checkout, and finalise their payment. This allows users to purchase multiple items at once while being able to read the nutritional information. A micro-market will offer quick, easy access to the items a person needs throughout the day when it is most convenient.

Micro-markets have been installed in over 22,000 locations throughout the United States. The UK and Europe have slowly been adopting these markets to replace or complement both vending machines and traditional canteen services.

A micro-market can offer fresh food, fruit, vegetables, snacks, and beverages. Markets do not require any human-to-human contact as all items are scanned and paid for at the kiosk by the customer. With 32M, customers are not limited to kiosk only payments, but have the option of mobile app purchases as well, providing a truly touch-free experience.

Micro-markets offer convenient, flexible, and versatile cabinetry to optimise space, arrangement, and branding. A branded micro-market fits into your aesthetics and will give your business an incredible perk within the workplace to enticing outside talent and keeping your existing employees happy.

Problems a Micro Market Solves
Many people perceive they have a lack of time to eat while on the job. A micro-market offers a plethora of snacks, beverage, and fresh meal options all in a convenient grab-and-go style, 24/7 during the workday for any and all shifts.

Statistics show 83% of consumers snack on a daily basis. A micro-market can include fresh, healthy, on-site snack options for your employees. By focusing on the health of employees you can increase performance and employee satisfaction. Healthy workers get sick less, work more efficiently, and have higher engagement levels. Additionally, a micro-market can allow for all the new social distancing needs.

In these times, most employees are going to be more cautious about taking the typical lunch-time break outside of the office. With a micro-market, there is no need to leave work anymore to get their various meal and snack options throughout the day. Having access to a large array of micro-market options lets employees know they’ll still have access to similar foods on the high-street without having to leave the office.

When comparing a micro-market to an onsite cafeteria the cost-savings are pretty evident. A cafeteria will require large upfront investments for cooking equipment, walk-in coolers, washing stations, grills, and more. Micro-markets also don’t require any on-site staff as everything can be managed remotely and accurately with the exclusive Three Square Market software. An operator will simply visit the site, as needed, to refill the shelves and clean as necessary.

The 32M smart technology will carefully trace sales and monitor the inventory in real-time. This same inventory technology will keep notes of high selling and low selling products and adjust what will need to be kept on-hand products, ensuring the market stays stocked appropriately at all times.

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