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New HSE training report showcases attitudes towards climate change

Some UK companies are still dragging their feet when it comes to aiming for net zero by 2050, according to a new study released by health and safety training specialist Astutis Ltd

The 2022-2023 Health, Safety and Environmental Training Report was complied by Astutis to see how trends had changed since its inaugural report was launched last year on the back of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Of the 262 industry-wide professionals who responded to the 2022-2023 survey, 52 per cent claimed that their business has a proactive net zero plan, while 18 per cent insisted their business is focused on a sustainability programme and over a quarter of those surveyed said that the environment was a determining factor in their choice of training.

Astutis says it was “surprised” that some respondents simply lacked a clear strategic direction for their companies with regard to the environment and curbing climate change. Accusations of greenwashing against some of the world’s most powerful corporates have put businesses under pressure to act quickly and make realistic pledges. That being said, Astutis acknowledged there have been other pressing matters affecting UK businesses including soaring energy costs and staffing issues, which have likely become bigger immediate priorities.

Meanwhile, the study shows that health and safety is being taken more seriously, perhaps due to fear of litigation. According to Astutis 55 per cent of companies surveyed increased their training activity, while 48 per cent of respondents believe their business views health and safety as a top priority, with 89 per cent of employees feeling that their workplace is safe.

Time seems to be a limiting factor to keeping businesses compliant with their obligations. The survey revealed that 41 per cent of health and safety professionals cited finding time as an obstacle to facilitating training courses alongside day-to-day operations. This may account for more businesses enrolling employees for company training in virtual classrooms and online (83 per cent).

The study also highlights the changes in attitude in the workplace regarding mental health. The focus on this issue that increased due to the pandemic seems to have been maintained with 69 per cent of respondents saying that wellbeing support from their employers was available and easily accessed.

Steve Terry, Managing Director of Astutis, said: “We are happy to report that positive strides were being taken to systematically improve the culture surrounding health and safety. These findings are highly encouraging. Businesses are taking a more proactive approach to deploying health, safety and environmental training.”

On the back of the report, Cardiff-based Astutis has appointed two environmental champions within the business to assist with the company’s plan of achieving net zero. It supports two charities: the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust and the World Wildlife Fund Climate Recovery Project. Astutis is also applying for sustainability verification from the ethy sustainability standards awards.

Metro Rod Drainage and Plumbing Survey

With the current economic crisis resulting in higher prices and more of a squeeze on resources, FMs need to ensure that they have robust building and maintenance services in place to control costs and reduce the need for emergency repairs. When it comes to drainage and plumbing there are also the challenges of dealing with extreme weather, from droughts to flooding, the need to meet stringent regulations and to avoid causing environmental damage.

UK drainage specialist, Metro Rod, has launched a survey which explores the main areas of interest for FMs in maintaining drainage and plumbing, including how they currently assess their supply chains to ensure they’re working with partners that meet the highest possible standards and provide value for money.

The results will be published online so that you can see how you compare to others within the sector.

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