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Office occupancy in London at its highest since March 2020

Recent data from workplace technology company, Freespace, has shown that office occupancy in London is at its highest since before the first set of lockdowns in March 2020.

The data which comes from the Freespace Index has shown that office occupancy last Tuesday November 29th and Thursday December 1st both reached 52 per cent occupancy, just shy of the pre-Covid daily average of 60 per cent.

The data has also shown that Fridays remain extremely quiet with Friday 2nd December peaking at just 15 per cent occupancy across London.

Raj Krishnamurthy, Freespace CEO, said: “Our data has shown a huge discrepancy in the growing number of people in offices between Tuesday and Thursday compared to the eerily quiet Fridays. What is interesting is that our data has also shown the use of meeting rooms has also gone up. This reaffirms the belief that people are using the office to meet and collaborate and focussing on the more concentrated tasks at home. The acceptance of new working patterns has given everybody a newfound freedom to work where they want and how they want; to move the dial between independent and collaborative working as needed. Being given the right environment to work is all employees want and businesses should focus on this rather than getting too stressed about forcing a specific work pattern. This freedom needs to be harnessed. Businesses will gain significantly from smarter use of their real estate resources in the months and years to come.”

The Freespace Index is derived from over 140,000 sensors worldwide that measure building occupancy and environmental conditions. The anonymous workplace data provides an insight into working patterns, environments and office utilisation, supporting new ways of working across 130 cities, in 80 countries, and five continents.

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