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POST-COVID: where sustainable FM makes cost sense

Sustainable FM has never been more appropriate – not least because of its cost-savings.

Post-Coronavirus: sanitising and cleaning are key priorities for building owners readying workspaces for re-occupation. So too, are security and protection.

The requirement to get buildings virus-free and reinstate confidence in their users finds budget stretched by the commercial impact of the pandemic.

Sustainable FM can deliver better value at a time many organisations need to look at reducing their bottom line. The ecological and environmental benefits of adopting a sustainable approach to soft services are a given. Their savings benefits can get relatively overlooked.

Innovation can and should bring cost-saving.

Adopting a water management recycling system for cleaning vertical and horizontal surfaces, can deliver time savings of up to 25%, alongside a 90% reduction in water consumption.

Controlled dosage cleaning equates with better controlling product wastage while small pack sizes are easier and cheaper to transport and store, lighter in handling.

Samsic was the UK’s first national contractor to adopt the chemical-free Toucan cleaning system for hard surfaces and later mobilised production for use in large-scale operations using the Bio-stream system while introducing Toucan cleaning to carpets and hard floors.

Digital innovations added to its programmes open up new ways of adding value: ICE Smart-Call technology enables equipment maintenance be conducted via smartphone, reducing associated carbon footprint while eliminating 30% of maintenance visits.

Sustainability is also being embedded in Samsic security systems like Sentrikey which houses keys in a smartphone-activated keysafe on the property, enabling supplier switch from key safe diesel vans to smaller electric cars with lower running costs.

Guardtek geo-fencing technology means the contractor can now track and deploy mobile patrols on-demand, reducing response time and carbon footprint. Removing scheduling gaps means increased efficiency and lower cost.

For building owners and occupiers, embedding sustainability into soft services procurement makes sense not only environmentally but in driving down cost.

Look for service partners sharing products and solutions that help reduce cost, increase efficiency, and meet sustainability goals.



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