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Products to support the ‘new normal’ and fight against Coronavirus

As the UK returns to work, organisations must make preparations to protect their employees and customers. Highlight safe distances and hygiene regulations using DURABLE’s social distancing and hygiene products.

Covers the entire face which minimises the exchange of droplets between people in close contact.

  • does not fog up
  • anti-glare
  • can be completely disinfected and reused

DURAFRAME attaches to any surface – perfect for communicating important safety and hygiene messages.

  •  install & reposition in seconds
  •  change information quickly
  •  80+ different size and colour options

Highly visible and hard-wearing shapes, tapes and signs for highlighting social distancing.

  •  self-adhesive
  •  slip-resistant
  •  range of colours

Signage which can be moved wherever it is needed. Inserts can be changed in seconds.

  • anti-glare
  • adjustable height and reading angle
  • weighted base for stability

Order your Social Distancing products direct from DURABLE by emailing hello@durable-uk.com or visit www.durable-uk.com


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