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Relieving the fiddle of ring continuity testing

Ring continuity testing using the new Metrel adapter, A2214 and MI 3155 multi-function tester

The measuring of R1+R2, R1+RN, r1, rn and r2 has just become quicker and easier with the release of the new Ring Continuity Adapter , A 2214, and associated firmware updates by Metrel, the manufacturer of innovative test solutions .

The adapter, A 2214, and its test leads, is quickly nulled and clipped to the circuit conductors and connected to one of a range of Metrel multi-function testers. The test started with the press of a button and r1,r2, and rn are measured in one go. The tester and its plugged test lead are then moved round the ring-under-test’s sockets. The results are stored and the highest reading displayed. As the tester communicates with the adapter through the circuit conductors to vary the configuration meaning that all the measurement are completed in one hit, making it up to 60% faster than doing the job conventionally.

For more information visit www.metrel.co.uk or call 01924 245000.


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