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Senior hire at ASFP

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has expanded its senior team with the appointment of Nadine Saxon as Operations Director.

In this newly created role, Saxon will support the continued growth of the Association and ensure the team has the necessary tools and resources to deliver an exceptional service to members. She will also have a place on the ASFP Executive Board and attend the ASFP Council.

Tasked with managing all the operational, commercial and establishment aspects of the Association, Saxon’s first major undertaking will be ensuring the ASFP’s move to its new headquarters and academy this month goes smoothly.

Saxon is a L5-CIPD-qualified executive with over 20 years of experience in management positions within a range of industry sectors from hospitality and education to energy. She joins the ASFP from the British Coatings Federation (BCF) where she has been Office Manager for the last five years. She is already well known to the ASFP since BCF has provided the Association with secretariat and management services and office space for the last three years. Saxon originally presented the BCF’s planned strategy for supporting ASFP and she undertook the recruitment and development of the ASFP’s office-based team.

Before joining BCF, Saxon worked for two years at Utilityteam Trading where she was responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the utility company’s offices in Coventry and Birmingham. She also controlled the company’s ISO9001 and 14001 management systems. Saxon has also held roles at e-commerce company E2E Solutions and private childcare provider, Tiny Teddies Childcare Company. Having started her career in the hospitality industry, Saxon also brings sales and revenue management experience from several hotel groups.

Speaking on her appointment, Saxon said: “I am delighted to join the ASFP as Operations Director. My foremost commitment will be to drive strategic initiatives that will elevate industry standards and enhance the services we offer our valued members.

“While my expertise lies predominantly in strategic leadership and fostering collaborative teams, my dedication to the ASFP’s mission will be a key focus. I firmly believe that through focused strategic planning and the cultivation of a robust team environment, we can pave the way for significant industry advancements, ensuring the ASFP remains at the forefront of our field.”

ASFP Managing Director Mike Ward, commented: “We are thrilled to welcome Nadine to the ASFP team. Nadine has already played a pivotal role in the development of the ASFP over the last three years, providing support from her position with the BCF. As a result, she has already earnt the respect of members, Council and the ASFP team.

“I am convinced Nadine is perfectly placed to support the Association’s growth over the coming years, nurturing strong relationships and partnerships, both within our membership and beyond. I look forward to joining her on that journey as we strive for excellence and further develop the services we offer.”

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