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HubStar launches new technology to help employers prioritise accessibility and create a fully inclusive workplace experience

In a move designed to improve wellbeing and workplace performance, HubStar – a leader in hybrid workplace solutions – has introduced a set of advanced accessibility features to make it easier for employers to create a fully inclusive workplace experience. It will allow hybrid employees with disabilities or health conditions to gain greater control over their office visits.

The new features will remove many of the workplace barriers currently faced by hybrid workers with disabilities—especially when reserving the rooms, workspaces, desks, lockers, parking spaces, and other resources required for a productive day in the office.

The new technology will also help employers to meet challenging governmental accessibility regulations.

Organisations which use HubStar’s Space Scheduling technology can now assign specific features to bookable rooms, desks and workspaces. For example, desks can be tagged as being ‘ergonomic’, ‘wheelchair accessible’, ‘fitted with a brail keyboard’, or ‘close to elevator’, as well as showing which floor a room is on for people with limited mobility.

Similarly, locations within the office can be identified by the experience an employee would have in those areas. This includes tagging a specific location as a ‘quiet area’, ‘loud area’, ‘bright area with natural light’, or ‘quiet space without natural light’. This will be extremely beneficial for staff with preferences for the ideal conditions that enable them to conduct their best work—such as employees on the neurodivergent spectrum (with neurological conditions such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyspraxia, and dyslexia).

HubStar can also install display screens on the premises to show personnel in real time where the busiest areas (or ‘hot zones’) are in the office. This allows employees to choose where it is best for them to sit at any given time based on their working preferences.

The easy-to-use accessibility features are fully available to staff through an app or on their desktop. The app recommends the best space for an individual’s specific needs.

An employee can simply tell the application they will be in-office this week, and the software will suggest the day that will be most productive and comfortable for them to come in. It will take into account their preferences and which desks and rooms are available. The system even creates the booking—confirmed by the employee with just one click. It also provides further options, such as pre-booking a disabled parking spot (if required) closest to the building in which they have booked a desk or room.

The new features are completely customisable to each unique workplace, as any number of features or categories can be assigned to any bookable resource. The opportunities are endless. One way the features have been put to use is by enabling an employee to book which day they will bring in their service animal. The office can set a maximum capacity for service animals per day based on how many can fit comfortably on the premises. The system will include this when suggesting which day an employee should come in if they have a guide dog or a hearing dog—and will book one of the places for them.

This means hybrid staff with disabilities or health conditions can enjoy the freedom of having an office completely inclusive of all their needs.

The introduction of these new features means HubStar Scheduling has achieved full accessibility compliance with the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) and also meets all Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1AA).

HubStar CEO John T. Anderson said: “According to the World Health Organization, individuals with disabilities make up 16 per cent of the global population. Achieving accessibility compliance is a milestone that demonstrates HubStar’s commitment to inclusivity, contributing to more accessible, diverse and inclusive hybrid workplaces.

“Accessibility and inclusivity are fundamental values for us. We believe in the power of technology to break down barriers and enable everyone to reach their potential. We are dedicated to ensuring our hybrid working solutions transform the day-to-day lives of all employees across the globe.”

He added: “This achievement reflects our ongoing commitment to innovative technology that can be accessed and enjoyed by everyone—ultimately leading to a more connected, meaningful experience of work.

“It will also help organisations—especially governmental bodies, local authorities and educational institutions—to meet challenging governmental accessibility regulations. With web accessibility lawsuits having surged by 30 per cent over the last five years, this is a crucial step forward.”


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