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Simple and to the point!

DoorPedL™ is an amazing product recommended by many leading consultants, to help stem the spread of infection. DoorPedL™ is a sturdy steel foot Pedal that attaches to any door in the commercial sector,  letting your staff and visitors open them completely hands-free, so you can:

  • Reduce the spread of infections via contact with door handles.
  • Give peace of mind to persons who are worried about hygiene, especially in public toilets/washrooms.
  • Open doors more easily if you’re carrying files, bags, boxes or even a tray of food.
  • Helps to give staff confidence in returning to work with better people-centric culture.
  • Helps to keep Fire doors shut as required by regulations, rather than being wedged open to avoid hand contact.

Transmission of germs by hand-to surface contact is a very real concern at any time, but none more so than now. DoorPedL™ is your innovative solution to stop the spread of infection by eliminating contact with door handles. DoorPedL™ can be installed onto latched and unlatched doors in any buildings where people work, shop, eat or exercise. It provides a high level of protection from virus transmissions through handles, by using its simple foot pedal. Infection concerns via door handles are not just Covid19, but include many other viruses, right down to common colds.

Who would happily use public toilets now and hold on to an infected door handle? You no longer need to if DoorPedL™ is fitted.

The device is quick and easy to install, fits to your existing ironmongery, and is very sturdy.

Watch our short YouTube videos to see the Latched DoorPedL and  the Unlatched DorPedL in action.

Interested? Get in touch to find out more steve@DoorPedL.Com or view our website https://doorpedl.com/


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