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Webinar: Understanding Humidity’s Impact on Health

Condair is hosting a webinar by Dr Stephanie Taylor entitled “Understanding Humidity’s Impact on Health”. The online presentation will take place at 2pm on 29th April. Dr Taylor is an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer and qualified as both a medical doctor ...

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Taking care of business

Research across FM, healthcare, education, manufacturing and food service sectors into attitudes on going back to the workplace by Kimberly-Clark reveals that when it comes to wellbeing, infection control remains the number one priority The Coronavirus pandemic has moved wellbeing, ...

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Simple and to the point!

DoorPedL™ is an amazing product recommended by many leading consultants, to help stem the spread of infection. DoorPedL™ is a sturdy steel foot Pedal that attaches to any door in the commercial sector,  letting your staff and visitors open them completely hands-free, so you ...

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Screenworks launches antiviral gloves through Bumpaa brand

Screenworks, through its burgeoning brand, Bumpaa™, has launched a new antiviral gloves range. These high quality, touchscreen enabled, antiviral gloves are treated with ViralOff® technology. The ViralOff® treatment is proven to reduce tested viruses, (including the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes ...

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