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Sophisticated and smart showering solutions

Concealed behind the slim, flush mounted shower control is the advanced technology of the CONTI+ Congenial Fit designed specifically for the demands of public and semi- public washrooms.

The water flow from the thermostatic shower controls is started electronically, either by means of a piezo pushbutton or IR sensor with touch-free operation and can be powered either by battery or mains supply. Available in both stainless steel and chrome finish, users can also specify round, square or oval shape for a cohesive design finish.

Electronic shower controls can be tailored to the specific sanitary facility, with especially advanced options available through integration into the CONTI+ CNX water management system. Water and energy consumption can be sustainably reduced, while operational reliability and drinking water quality are improved. Maintenance can be easily scheduled for a regular sanitary rinse or thermal disinfection of individual showers or rooms so they can be centrally controlled, monitored and documented.

Find out more: https://bit.ly/30qptIa
W: conti.plus
E: paul.musgrove@conti.plus


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