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Steriloc Sentinel Unit

Steriloc urges organisations to take biosecurity and the wellbeing of its employees seriously

Steriloc is offering a range of robust hand sanitisation systems for organisations committed to effective hygiene management and safety of its employees, visitors and customers.

Co-founder Mark Frost commented: “Too many major companies locate rudimentary sanitiser pumps at their building entrances and are not enforcing their use. Our experience tells us that mandatory hand sanitisation is crucial to mitigating the spread of viruses. All our units have the capability for integration with standard door entry systems.”

Steriloc Shield

Sterlioc hand sanitisation systems are manufactured in the UK by iGrowing Ltd and have been used successfully in the horticulture industry for nearly a decade to prevent the spread of viruses in plant glasshouses. Studies in these environments have identified that mandatory hand cleansing, where Steriloc units are linked to door access systems, can reduce annual absenteeism due to illness from 2.2% to 0.55%. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, these units can offer significant biosecurity benefits to the wider world.

Its range of hand-cleansing units all provide rapid, thorough cleansing to both sides of the hands from four powerful dispensing jets. There are wall mounted and free-standing options, all with generous sanitiser capacities and can dispense up to 35 users per minute, at a cost of less than 1p per dispense.

The ‘Steriloc Sentinel’ and ‘Sentry’ units have additional features, including Wi-Fi enablement for monitoring usage and sanitiser levels, while the ‘Steriloc Shield’ offers a more streamlined, lower cost option.

Every unit provides highly precise dosing that reduce wasted sanitiser and eliminates the need for paper towels or plastic bottle waste. They are built in UK to be highly reliable and, in testing, have delivered over 1 million maintenance free dispenses. These super-secure systems are engineered to prevent vandalism and sanitiser theft and can be custom wrapped with a client’s own branding.

For more information visit https://steriloc.com or email sales@steriloc.com


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