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Global FM provider CBRE has partnered with Axil Integrated Services to deliver best-in-class waste management to Cummins to help them meet their ESG goals

Cummins, a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of engines, generators, and related technologies, previously partnered with Axil Integrated Services to manage its waste streams and maximise its recycling. In August 2022, Cummins embedded its waste contract into a facilities management package to consolidate services across multiple UK sites and CBRE was appointed as the new IFM provider.

Axil had previously helped Cummins to maintain its zero-to-landfill target at its Stamford and Darlington sites and delivered savings through improved waste segregation and increased recycling. Cummins nominated Axil as a preferred waste partner during the IFM tender process and it was retained to deliver the waste management contract across the Cummins estate.


The partnership, which now includes CBRE, continues to strengthen its environmental strategy. Working under CBRE, Axil delivered additional training to its waste operatives to help identify and further segregate recyclable materials from process waste. This additional layer of segregation now captures an additional two tonnes of recyclates per month, lowering the sites general waste disposal.

CBRE and Cummins also benefit from Axil’s unique HazPod™ system. This innovative system facilitates storage of multiple hazardous waste streams in one bin unit, providing individual materials are appropriately bagged. The introduction of HazPods has removed reliance on drums and intermediate bulk containers, which frees up storage capacity on sites, and ensures a safer and more compliant storage solution for hazardous waste.

Sam Lawes, FM Commercial Manager at Axil explains: “The addition of CBRE into the partnership adds an additional layer. Both CBRE and Cummins challenge Axil to get the best results. Between Axil and CBRE, we’re able to make compliant waste-related decisions on behalf of the customer, allowing Cummins to focus on their core business function.”


Granular sortation and segregation of raw materials has been employed to help move waste up the hierarchy and at Cummins Darlington, additional training and diligent segregation methods have been deployed to ensure waste avoidance by identifying parts for reuse in the engine production process.

Metal segregation has also improved, with Cummins benefitting from supply chain management and increased rebates.


Cummins also has access to a dedicated Axil waste Contract Manager whose primary focus is delivering against its environmental and commercial targets. Axil works with CBRE to meet ESG goals set by Cummins, as well as delivering long-term and sustainable cost benefits.

In addition, Gina Rudkin, who was recently appointed as Head of Sustainability and Zero Waste at Axil, will have a pivotal role as the Cummins contract continues to evolve. Reuse options for additional materials across Cummins are also being explored as Axil and CBRE continue to support ESG priorities at Cummins, which includes waste reduction methods and extracting materials to push it up the waste hierarchy.

Cummins’ next generation environmental sustainability strategy, ‘Planet 2050’ sets quantifiable goals for 2030 along with visionary longer-term aspirations to 2050. The suite of goals includes reducing absolute gas (GHG) emissions from facilities and operations by 50 per cent and a pledge to generate 25 per cent less waste in facilities and operations as a percent of revenue by 2030.

As part of the move to CBRE, nine employees moved over to Axil via TUPE transfer. During the process, Axil delivered additional training to operatives across the Cummins estate. Recognising the value on-site teams bring, operatives received compliant segregation training to enable them to achieve further increases in recycling which in turn reduce waste costs. Forklift and IOSH training have also been provided to key members of Axil’s on-site waste teams.


Axil and CBRE attend quarterly meetings with Cummins to measure performance against core production metrics. Axil also provides a suite of management information reporting, including labour efficiencies, waste captured, recycling rates and health and safety. Continuous improvement ideas are also discussed.

Bespoke reporting software enables CBRE to track waste costs against production output on behalf of Cummins, important for future forecasting and continuous improvement planning. Regular reviews are also carried out on the market on transport routes and waste destinations, and the flexibility in this space allows Axil and CBRE to move quickly at the appropriate time to drives out costs for the client and generate additional income in terms of commodity rebates.

Says Antony Ferdinand, Account Director, CBRE: “Since our relationship has started, CBRE has been very impressed with the level of data available at our fingertips, and the pro-activeness Axil show in delivering their services.

“We’re extremely encouraged by this start and look forward to our relationship with Axil developing over time on the Cummins accounts.”


Future innovations for the partnership will include introducing additional equipment to sites to make waste processes even more efficient. Reviews are also underway to upgrade existing equipment to more robust versions to process materials faster with less labour input. A new roll packer for wood compaction will be introduced to maximise volume capacity on site, reduce transport costs and deliver significant savings to Cummins.

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