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Truvelo accelerates its ANPR capabilities with new sales appointment

Traffic enforcement and compliance specialist Truvelo has appointed Steve Townsend to head up Technical Sales in the UK. With over 30 years’ experience in the electronic security industry, Townsend is tasked with capitalising upon the opportunities provided by the existing portfolio of class-leading products and services for criminal, private and civil enforcement. As an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) specialist, he will also be looking to make inroads into adjacent business sectors such as FM.

His appointment comes at a time when Truvelo has already considerably extended its offer. In addition to providing Home Office Type-Approved (HOTA) fixed and mobile camera solutions for speed and red-light enforcement, the company has expanded its range of pictogram-capable speed information display signs. These help to improve compliance and provide roads operators with a scalable solution from gentle encouragement to hard enforcement. They also provide an appreciable data-collection capability.

More recently, Truvelo has developed and deployed a fully featured back-office solution, the Violation Management System (VMS). This is capable of end-to-end processing of all types of violations — whether as an in-house solution operated by the customer, or with Truvelo providing a full-spectrum managed-service capability. A next step is to build Truvelo’s ANPR capabilities.

“This will enable us to move further into the access control and parking sectors,” explains Townsend. “Truvelo ANPR can be used to govern site access control plus provide non-HOTA average speed measurement off public roads. This enables private land-owners to implement more sophisticated traffic and speed-management strategies which further improve safety performance.

“And, with the new regulatory environment for local authorities outside London, there’s also a major opportunity for us to use ANPR to help counter moving traffic offences such as bus lane and box junction incursions, as well as illegal turning, access infringements and rat-running.’’

“This is going to be a very fast-growing business area, as local authorities realise the safety benefits, and we can provide both the front-end monitoring capabilities and the back-end processing via the VMS. It’s a very potent combination.”

I’m very pleased to have Steve on board. He joins us as, post-pandemic, we’re seeing a lot of change in the enforcement sector,” says Calvin Hutt, Truvelo (UK)’s Sales and Marketing Director.

“How local authorities and roads operators address poor driving is evolving rapidly, something which is very much evidenced by the changes we’ve already made to our portfolio. The next few years will bring even more dramatic changes and how we’re currently positioning will put us in the vanguard of maintaining and improving road safety.”

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