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UK business designs Coronavirus deterrent for FM marketplace

A UK specialist in ultraviolet light technology has launched a new solution, designed to reduce the risk of Coronavirus in indoor settings and help facilities managers provide healthy indoor working environments post-pandemic.

Pathogen Solutions has made Medixair available to the UK market, a portable air sterilisation solution that is proven to eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria as part of effective infection control regimes. The 110W unit employs high-intensity ultraviolet light to decontaminate the air within indoor environments. The portable machine works by drawing air into the unit and exposing it to UV light which is a proven method for killing bugs. The clean disinfected air is then re-circulated back into the room.

As businesses across the UK welcome back employees during the phased relaxation of lockdown restrictions, Pathogen Solutions is advising businesses to pay equal attention to indoor air quality as they typically do to outdoor air quality, in order to eliminate the risk of Coronavirus particles and other viral loads circulating through aerosols in the air.

Scientists are increasingly concerned about the airborne spread of Coronavirus, claiming people are more at threat by exhaling the virus through aerosols in the air than they are catching it by touching contaminated surfaces.

John Burrows, director at Pathogen Solutions, explained: “Indoor air quality has historically been neglected compared with outdoors, where the restricted use of smoke free fuels and lead-free fuel have led to major improvements. Continued progress in healthcare through the reduction in smoking has added significantly to improved public health. The elimination of airborne viruses and bacteria from our hospitals, homes and offices will add a further dimension to healthy living; removing microorganisms and contamination from poorly ventilated environments and bringing fresh air indoors.”

Medixair can help indoor working spaces to prevent and restrict the spread of airborne bacteria as employees return to work, particularly as many people will be anxious about going back to busy environments in enclosed spaces after so long in partial isolation. The product has already found success in Asia, the Czech Republic, and Spain and is increasingly gaining traction domestically within the UK.

Burrows explained why: “Medixair is a proven product for managing the spread of Coronavirus, but its effectiveness is not exclusive to SARS infections.

“As a germicidal air steriliser, it is effective against a wide range of illnesses, including influenza, MRSA, tuberculosis, norovirus and more. As we continue to learn more about virus management and prevention, solutions such as Medixair could become a useful tool for facilities managers as they aim to create and promote safe and clean indoor working environments.”

For more information visit https://medixair.com/


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