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Umbrella Training partners with Metaverse Learning

Umbrella Training in partnership with Metaverse Learning has launched an industry-first virtual chef training programme aiming to create a learning and development platform fit for future generations.    

The programme is initially being targeted at Gen-Z and Gen A entry level commis chefs in the hospitality industry. 

The initial rollout will cover three main scenarios; introduction to the kitchen environment, prepare, method and finish of spatchcock chicken and preparation, method and finish of boulangère potatoes and chantenay carrots.    

The scenarios form part of an intended programme of eight being developed for the sector.   

As part of the programme, chefs are able to learn in a comfortable, fun and flexible environment. They will be able to meet their designed head chef at the door and enter a virtual kitchen, and explore the space specifically designed for learners and those looking to develop their skills.  

In the space, they will be able to select interactive items that enhance the learning experience. These range from engaging with built characters to opening fridges.  

When they arrive at their station, they are given their recipe along with instructions as what to do. This can include ensuring the learner has washed their hands, to cleaning their station down, selecting the correct colour coded board to carrying out the required mis en place for that scenario.  

The scenarios have been developed in partnership with Metaverse Learning, experts in the Immersive Scenario development field.  

Metaverse Learning has extensive experience of developing training programmes across many other industries, including early years education and health & social care. 

As part of the development process, Umbrella engaged chef professionals and educators alongside the Metaverse Learning team to ensure the technical kitchen expertise is accurately and appropriately represented.  

All of the scenarios have been aligned against Level 2 Commis Chef development – whether against the apprenticeship framework, NVQ or diploma. 

Research from CB Insights shows that nearly 80 percent of Gen Z uses YouTube, and of those, each person watches and average of 68 videos each day across all social platforms. 

They also spend approximately eight or more hours a day online, which then affects the way in which they gather information and naturally retain knowledge.   

In addition, VR training, according to research, could help students retain information up to 70 per cent better vs 10 per cent in the traditional read method. 

Adele Oxberry, founder and CEO Umbrella Training, said: “The skills and people shortage is clearly the most significant challenge our sector is now experiencing.  

“With these programmes, we are addressing a brand newgeneration of learners who are more digitally, distanced and flexible learning focused. 

“Their new learning characteristics are more diverse than we have managed before and this is the generation we need to attract into our industry who will hopefully, have life long careers in hospitality. 

“As educators, we’ve know things have to change in order to service our sector in the future. But we have to transform ourselves in an effective, sustainable and scalable way. 

“For us, as educators and L&D professionals, I think we need to realise that it is no longer exciting and different to give them videos, 3D Models and explorable VR content in our teaching or training. It actually expected.” 

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