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Wagestream financial wellbeing app is being rolled out to all Atalian Servest colleagues

Facilities Management provider Atalian Servest has begun its’ phased roll out of a new financial wellbeing product to its workforce. It has partnered with Wagestream to introduce a range of services that reduce financial stress and build financial resilience.

As part of its proactive wellbeing approach, Atalian Servest colleagues will now have access to Wagestream, a financial wellbeing app which is tailored to every team member. They will be able to track their shifts and pay day to day, manage their budgeting, save for a rainy day, get free financial coaching, get fairer deals on financial products and choose their own pay cycle.

Wagestream is a social impact technology company and a certified B Corporation. It operates on a social charter and is focused on the mission to bring financial wellbeing to every frontline worker.

Daniel Dickson, CEO, Atalian Servest UK & Ireland, said: “As a people-centric business, our colleagues continually go above and beyond in providing industry-leading FM solutions to our clients. Atalian Servest is committed to supporting our colleagues’ mental and physical health, which we do through CHROMA, our award-winning diversity & inclusion platform.

Financial wellbeing is a fundamental part of overall health, and one of the most powerful ways we can ensure we are supporting our people. We’re delighted to partner with Wagestream to deliver a service that’s simple to use, guided by a social mission and proven to improve financial wellbeing over time.”

Emily Trant, Head of Impact and Inclusion at Wagestream, said:  “This is fantastic news for the thousands of talented, hard-working people who represent Atalian Servest every day.

“For them, it means having access to fair financial services and a more rewarding experience of coming to work every day. For Wagestream, it means partnering with one of the world’s most admired facilities management providers – learning together how best to support the wellbeing of a large, distributed, high-performance team. For society, it means another employer joining the financial wellbeing movement – taking us one step closer to reducing financial exclusion and bringing financial wellbeing to every frontline worker.”

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