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Water and wellbeing

Healthy workplaces start with healthy people and it is an FM’s responsibility to ensure that hydration plays a part in promoting the wellbeing of a building’s users.

The healthiest form of hydration is water. It is calorie free, free from allergens, and is a building block for promoting optimum physical and mental well-being. One of the most sustainable forms of providing water that people enjoy drinking is to install water dispensers.

However, FMs should be aware that not all water dispensers are equal. The water must be guaranteed to be safe and free from contaminants. The best way to deliver this guarantee of standards your users can trust is to ensure the water and equipment is WHA-Safe.

This means using a member of the WHA – the Water Dispenser & Hydration Association.

Phillipa Atkinson-Clow, general manager of the Association, explains: “The WHA is THE association setting standards of training, hygiene and auditing. Our members join the Association because of the information and continuous improvement we deliver to companies and their staff. By using a WHA-Safe, accredited member, FMs can be sure that the standards employed to install and maintain equipment and, to handle water are of the highest standards.”

To find out more about why using a WHA member is the safe choice, download this leaflet.

WHA members can only attain and retain their credentials if they pass regular audits.

When choosing your best options, sustainability will no doubt be a key consideration. Phillipa Atkinson-Clow adds: “Single use bottles are no longer acceptable. Water dispensers, whereby building users are encouraged to refill multi-use bottles, is the contemporary way of providing hydration.”

The Find a Member section of The WHA’s website enables FMs to easily find a supplier or, importantly, to quickly check if an existing supplier is up to the task.



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