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WHA Members – good news for hydration solutions

The Government has identified the importance of remaining hydrated in the light of the Covid-19. Healthy hydration is essential to the well-being of the workforce, helping to keep the immune system strong. The good news is that use of a ...

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Thirsty work

Keeping building occupants hydrated is a balancing act between taste, quality, wellbeing and sustainability, says Sara Bean Nearly two-thirds of the human body is composed of water, and even a reduction of as little as two per cent of body ...

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The FM drinking water dilemma

For FMs, monitoring the wellbeing of occupants has moved up the agenda to become just as important a consideration as ensuring the sustainability of the building they inhabit. In a new report, which FMJ carried out in conjunction with Zip Water, ...

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Water cooler movement

As much of the purchasing decisions regarding water coolers are made by FMs, it pays to know which coolers to order to suit the needs your organisation. Phillipa Atkinson-Clow, General Manager of the British Water Cooler Association warns that not ...

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A lack of water leads to lack of awareness, problems with concentration and poor short-term memory. But ask anyone what they reach for when they need a boost, and coffee, tea and fizzy drinks will probably top the list. How ...

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