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Why is hybrid working becoming more desirable?

After the lockdown had finished more companies decided to keep flexible working and allowed employees to work from home some days during the week. This has resulted in hybrid working rising from 13% in early February 2022 to 24% in May 2022, whereas the percentage of people working exclusively from home has fallen from 22% to 14% in the same period.

Hybrid working provides a better work life balance for most people and is a key factor that people look for when looking for a new job. Now is the perfect time to ensure that hybrid working is successful in your workplace with a perfect combination of technology, mobility, and ergonomics so that each workplace and meeting point can be adapted appropriately.

As a modern work expert, Durable develop and produce intelligent products and solutions for the modern workplace. The range is characterised by clever detail, premium materials, high-quality manufacturing as well as multi-award-winning design. Durable’s extensive product range has made it simple for you to transform your workplace to suit your staff requirements.

Here are a few of Durable’s hybrid work solutions to make it easier to work from anywhere;


With a laptop, it’s possible to work and take part in video conferences wherever you are. However, user comfort is often sadly lacking. The table is too low, balancing the device on your knees on the sofa is annoying, and wobbly stacks of books are far from the ideal solution for achieving the right height. With the laptop stand RISE, the fully adjustable desk mount is suitable for laptops and tablets between 9″ and 17″. The height and the tilt angle can be adjusted to suit your personal needs. The laptop stand RISE is stable and non-slip.


Whether you use it as an additional device, an on-the-go appliance, a presentation tool, or a control panel, a tablet is a piece of standard equipment for many people and is used for private streaming as well as work. The TABLET HOLDER range offers an excellent solution to make working and presenting with tablets extremely efficient. The high-quality holders can be individually attached, rotated, or fixed into position and can be adjusted to fit all standard-sized tablets.


When working in the office or from home, stationary computers, mini PCs or docking stations are often used. That’s why it’s always good to have one or two monitors available for computer work. But if the monitor is wrongly positioned, it can lead to headaches and back pain as well as neck and eye strain. With its functional design elements, the award-winning DURABLE Monitor Mount PRO is available in various models to make working with a screen more ergonomic. The elegant, infinitely adjustable mechanical elements allow each user to adjust the height, angle, and distance of the monitor to fit their individual needs.

To discover more ergonomic products and learn more about being comfortable while working from home, head over to www.durable-uk.com and view the extensive range of workplace solutions.

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