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Why your energy management system is key to achieving corporate sustainability goals

With a comprehensive decarbonisation roadmap in place, the UK manufacturing sector’s drive towards achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050 is set to drive increased innovation and competitiveness, positioning UK manufacturing as a leader on the global stage.

In a complex and busy environment, pinpointing unnecessary energy use across multiple sites and varied production processes and schedules can prove challenging. This is where MRI eSight, a dedicated Energy Management System (EMS), emerges as a pivotal tool.

Overcoming Time Constraints

Richard Smith, Senior Director EMEA – MRI Energy explains: “In the manufacturing sector, time is a precious resource, and the demands of maintaining daily operations can mean it’s difficult to find the time to address sustainability goals.

An EMS can streamline this process, freeing up resource to capture optimisation opportunities. By making energy usage data accessible across your organisation, an EMS can help you to build strong business cases to win support for energy efficiency measures and prove the ROI of your investments.”

Transforming Scattered Data into Strategic Insights

A manufacturing plant may have meters for various utilities, but data is often segregated into disparate systems managed by different vendors. The challenge intensifies when certain areas lack adequate metering, and calibration requirements add yet another layer of complexity.

MRI can help provide much-needed support to address these challenges. MRI eSight specialist contractors can conduct a comprehensive site-wide metering survey, ensuring up-to-date documentation of existing infrastructure and creating a structured workflow to address metering gaps.

Unifying Insights for Informed Decisions

Without a central interface for metering data, aggregating insights across hundreds of thousands of data points is a formidable task. Existing systems often fall short of providing the comprehensive aggregated totals your business needs.

An EMS serves as the central repository for all utility metering data, offering a robust toolkit for data analysis, anomaly detection, and centralized reporting of KPIs such as kWh per production unit. Modern visualization capabilities offer a clear view of your energy usage and optimisation potential.

Aligning Energy Goals with Production Output

Managing targets and KPIs can be complicated, especially when production output exhibits wide variability. Many organisations rely on labour-intensive spreadsheets for data entry and analysis.

An EMS like MRI eSight calculates targets effortlessly and generates consumption targets based on production volume forecasts, production schedules, and other critical factors. By consolidating utilities data, production volumes, and targets, it replaces disparate spreadsheets, saving valuable resource.

How MRI eSight helped Carlsberg achieve its goals

Brewer Carlsberg UK implemented MRI eSight to manage energy usage throughout their brewing process across their 16 UK sites. By leveraging eSight to understand their consumption loads matched against production periods via hourly dashboards, Carlsberg UK were able reduce their energy and water consumption by 10%, their effluent costs by 16%, and recover enough energy from their brewing process to cover 60% of site usage.

Paul Harris, Energy Centre Manager for Carlsberg UK, explained “MRI eSight has enabled us to visualise and measure our utility usage against production in a way which was not previously possible. The benefits of integrating MRI eSight into our process have been invaluable.”

Chart your course to Net Zero with MRI eSight Energy Management Software

Richard Smith says: “For nearly two decades, MRI eSight has been instrumental in helping manufacturing businesses achieve their corporate sustainability goals. MRI eSight empowers users with resource and energy intelligence, facilitating data-driven energy management decisions and providing the tools to implement intelligent energy management solutions enterprise-wide.”

Contact MRI Software to talk about your energy management requirements and find out how you can manage your energy more efficiently to help achieve your Net Zero targets.

For more information visit https://www.mrisoftware.com/uk/products/esight-energy-management-software/ email info@mrisoftware.com or call 020 3861 7100.


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