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Going forward one of Collett’s key priorities is in ensuring that his people are well supported and benefit from working within a growing business with opportunities to nurture their careers.

Acknowledging the incredibly competitive hiring market within the sector, Wates group has a longstanding heritage in developing its people. Currently there are approximately 160 trainees and 73 apprenticeships. Collett is also proud to reflect on the length of service of many of Wates’ staff, and routinely meets individuals who’ve been with the business for decades.

He says: “The culture means there is every opportunity for staff on the front line to develop themselves and progress through the business which is what has helped build the reputation that we’ve got. I have never worked with an organisation that invests so much in what makes every individual unique, so people get the benefit of moving through our ranks and we also look after them, which produces a culture which permeates out into how we treat our customers.”

Looking to the coming year Collett concludes: “We’re auditing our numbers at the moment and despite market headwinds, we’ve delivered really well and a lot of it is in maintaining that delivery. For Wates’ facilities management business that means we’re working more closely with our clients to ensure they take the advantage of our ESG credentials and retain those customers who are keen to work with an organisation that can build on its collaboration and engagement.

“We also want to grow, though not too quickly, but rather slowly and steadily as we become more diverse and increase our capabilities.”

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