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Survival of the HAPPIEST


Workplace wellbeing is about far more than just physical health – psychological and social aspects play an equally important role. Jan-Hein Hemke, managing director of Facilicom explains how service providers that want to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive ...

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Dealing with data centres


Data centres use huge amounts of electricity, with larger enterprises spending millions of pounds in energy every year. This reality, set against a background of rising energy costs and growing green legislation suggests that energy efficiency would be data centre ...

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A ‘fake’ path to success


We constantly hear about people “faking it, until they make it”. Did this cliché apply to you when you were first starting in your current position, or indeed at any point in your career? What advice would you give to ...

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The energy performance gap


There is a growing body of evidence that shows many buildings are not performing as well as their designers intended, Geoff Prudence, chairman of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers’ (CIBSE) Facilities Management Group explains why and what FMs ...

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Is the FM industry looking at the right questions?


The first in a series of blogs by Mitie’s managing director of facilities management, Martyn Freeman, and his thoughts on the FM industry… June really has been a very interesting month. It started with the publication of our workplace research ...

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Career Ladder talks to the MD of Facilicom UK


Q: What was your first ever job? I am a farmer’s son so I worked on the farm as soon as I could walk! Q: What was your first job in the FM sector? I began as a business development manager (BDM) ...

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Big Brother is watching you….


It is often said that Britons are amongst the most spied upon people in the world. CCTV cameras loom on every high street. But monitoring and surveillance isn’t limited to cameras, monitoring of e-mails and internet use is rife and ...

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A lack of water leads to lack of awareness, problems with concentration and poor short-term memory. But ask anyone what they reach for when they need a boost, and coffee, tea and fizzy drinks will probably top the list. How ...

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One size fits… Almost


We hear a lot about designing workplaces for different generations but what about creating offices that take into account different nationalities, genders and a variety of physical sizes or capabilities? Justin Bass, managing director of furniture and design consultants Sketch ...

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Rising tide

water splash

FM professionals are looking to technology to address a rising tide of water costs – as well as performance, sustainability and hygiene concerns. Propelair CEO Garry Moore reports Toilet flushing is a huge drain – literally – on water resources, ...

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