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The Internet of FM


In this article Bob Vale – technical sales manager at Eurotech explains how the much vaunted “Internet of Things” is set to revolutionise facilities management, and what you need to know and do to keep up with developments There is ...

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Career Ladder talks to the MD at Cordant Security


Q: What was your first ever job? Washing up at the Farnborough airshow. Q: What was your first job in the FM sector? Business development manager for Security Sales in London Q: When did you first hear the term ‘facilities management’? And what ...

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‘Agile working’ coming to you soon


As an FM you’re likely to be at the forefront of profound change in the way your organisation works, and if you aren’t personally involved yet you will be soon. Martin Davies, director of training, BIFM Training explains more New technology ...

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What does FM require from a new government?

Image CC credit San Sharma

With the general election now less than 100 days away, what policies and strategies does the FM industry need to see implemented by any new government 
in order to flourish in the years ahead? THE END-USER’S VIEW GUY STALLARD, 

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Predict the future don’t react to the present


Jason Davis from ECEX, explains why facilities managers need to take a predictive approach when it comes to HVAC maintenance; an upfront cost that will ultimately mean improvements in energy efficiency and a reduced risk of system downtime – bonuses ...

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It’s time for facilities teams to drive employee wellbeing


With employee absence costing the UK industry £31.1 billion in 2013, which is the equivalent to just under eight per cent of the UK GDP for the same year, it should come as no surprise that organisations are trying to ...

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Safe and secure


In order to get inside Datum’s data facility in Hampshire you have to navigate a myriad of security checks and take a trip through a device that bears an uncanny resemblance to a transporter out of Star Trek (feel free ...

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The future of everything


Barely a week goes by without a report claiming that millions of jobs will become obsolete in the coming years, taken over by machines. Every time you speak to anyone even vaguely interested in technology you know it won’t be ...

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Je suis Charlie (No that is actually my name)


For anyone whose name really is Charlie the protests that have engulfed January and February have made the whole world seem like a personalised version of Spartacus. Millions upon millions of people have enthusiastically declared that they are Charlie. If ...

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Data Power


Since the financial crisis, capital for new projects has become much harder to obtain. Investing speculatively in projected future demand for IT capacity has become impossible in many circumstances. Businesses are instead starting to use a modular, scalable approach to ...

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