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Will FM become a career of choice for Britain’s youth?


We often hear that FM is a career that people just fall into. Yet Universities are now offering courses in it, foreign students are regular visitors to key sites in Britain and the wider public perception is increasing all the ...

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Future Talent Conference


On Wednesday, April 29th hundreds of HR professionals gathered at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden for the 2015 edition of the Future Talent Conference Though most of the lectures under the great glass dome focused on human resources ...

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Pest Busters


The subject of pest control is not one that FMs are often (ever) keen to talk about publically. Having an infestation of rodents, insects or something else furtive and slimy is hardly the sort of thing you boast about. That ...

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A secure future


2014 continued to see an increased use of technology within the security sector, a trend supported by the higher levels of integration between all sectors of the security trade, from physical to digital, computing to electrical. John Roddy, CEO of The Shield ...

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Vend of the day


Vending machines have become ubiquitous with workplaces, universities, hospitals, just about anywhere groups of people get together. But with the modern obsession with the green agenda,healthy eating and wellbeing FMJ looks to find out how Vending machines are changing to ...

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Ten faces of facilities management


The Facilities Management industry is full of inspiring individuals whose professionalism, dedication and strategic thought have had a considerable impact on workplaces and organisations across the country. RICS exclusively tells FMJ its thoughts on the best talent in the industry ...

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Health and Safety gone mad


Health and Safety is of course a very serious subject, and not to be made light of. Often. This month, in the interests of lightening the mood, FMJ brings you the most ridiculous rules and stories we could lay our ...

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Cyber Warfare


With cybersecurity threats and attacks becoming an increasingly common occurrence Paul Bates, technical manager, Integrations Solution Centre at Schneider Electric asks whether you are leaving your building management system open to attack? Cybersecurity breaches are becoming an increasingly common occurrence and ...

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What are the key points to a successful career path?


Every April the London Marathon huffs and puffs around town. Runners train for years so they know just when to expend bursts of energy and when to hold back. Bearing in mind that we often hear how your career is ...

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Climate Change


The ISO14001 Environmental Management System is changing later this year as part of a major review. This will have significant implications on those who have achieved certification to the standard as well as FM organisations that provide services to certified ...

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