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Career Ladder talks to OCS’ CEO Facilities Services


Q: What was your first ever job? The first job that I went into was in banking. I didn’t waste any time. I finished school on the Friday and went straight to work as a bank clerk with the TSB ...

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Why do clients buy services from FM companies?


Martyn Freeman, managing director, facilities management at Mitie provides his second blog for FMJ Recently I attended one of those inspirational days that happens all too rarely. I wasn’t at a TED convention, a CBI event, or even the Davos ...

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Chartered FM


Do facilities managers need to be chartered? What real difference does this make to them, their reputation and their career? How much of the desire to become chartered can be put down to elitism? THE END-USER’S VIEW GUY STALLARD,  CHAIRMAN, ...

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Active or archived


Sue Trombley, managing director of thought leadership for Iron Mountain whips out her crystal ball and investigates exactly what the future holds for records and information management professionals Records and information managers (RIMs) belong at the heart of an organisation’s information ...

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How has social networking affected recruitment in the cleaning sector?


Lorraine Thomas, managing director of specialist search and selection consultancy Metzger, considers the impact of social networking on recruitment. What are the benefits for cleaning sector employers using social media as part of a hiring strategy – and what are ...

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Get the most from your post


The UK public sector spends around £650 million a year on physical mail. Central Government departments such as The Department for Work and Pensions, HM Revenue and Customs and the DVLA are responsible for £250 million of this. They rely ...

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Friendly fire


Between 2013 and 2014 the UK Fire and Rescue Services attended over 200,000 fires. Over 10 per cent of these were not house fires and across the country 322 people died fire related deaths. In this article Richard Nichols, technical ...

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Bank on it


How do organisations across the legal, media and private banking sectors approach facilities management differently? In the last of a three-part series, Anthony Bennett, owner director of bespoke hospitality services business Bennett Hay, focuses on the private banking sector’s approach ...

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Give winter the cold shoulder


After two very mild winters in a row, there’s a worry that some FMs might be getting complacent about preparing for the snow season. In this article Vicky Lopez, co-founder and director of De-ice gives her view on why this ...

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Growing green


All FMs, at least every single FM that FMJ has spoken to is convinced that facilities managers should have a much greater say in the design stage of new buildings. There is a persistent urban legend that an architect once ...

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