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Simple truths


Every now and then you go to a client site and when you walk through the door, you look around the reception area and think ‘Wow!’ But how do you achieve that effect? Not just on visitors, but on the ...

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Career Ladder talks to Business Moves Group MD


Q: What was your first ever job? I’ve always had a really strong desire to work hard, so the day before my 13th birthday, I put on my smartest clothes and went to every local shop in walking distance asking ...

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FM: Internal promotions vs external recruitment


Should people looking to fill their FM positions look to promote internally or bring in someone from outside? Does it really make any difference and should it be considered a part of FM recruitment strategy? THE HR VIEW C-J GREEN, ...

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Activity awareness


Behavioural observation is about to change the way we measure workplace efficiency. Graham Bird, the head of research & development at workplace consultants Baker Stuart, explains why When it comes to workplace strategy, knowledge is king. Whether you are looking ...

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Cleaning up in the washroom


FMJ talk to experts who provide insight into how washrooms can be designed to make the job of facilities managers easier in terms of choice of materials as well as new products such as integrated consumables As with pretty much ...

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Transport’s silent army


With extremely heavy pedestrian footfall, a high level of security threats and dangerous trackside environments, rail transport is one of the most challenging sectors a facilities management professional can work in. Kevin Murgatroyd, sector director for transport at Interserve, gives ...

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Disengaged, disillusioned and depressed


Behind smoking and sex, employee engagement is the third largest driver of statistic-led research in the UK. Focusing on the latter, this year’s Symposium’s Employee Engagement Summit set the rather dismal scene, while unveiling just how damaging disengagement can be ...

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It’s a meritocracy, right?


In this article UBM’s Heather Beach talks to FMJ about female career development and explains why she is surprised that, out of a business with 65 per cent women in it, there were no more than 18 per cent on ...

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Worker resilience


No one is completely sure how many people actually work in the facilities management industry. It’s probably an impossible question to answer, but the official guestimate from most people in the sector tends to be between nine and 11 per ...

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The document’s journey


Digital working in FM is a potential game-changer but requires vision and leadership to implement. A highly competitive business climate means facilities managers are facing ever-tighter contractual obligations, at a time of increased regulation. However, by harnessing the flow of ...

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