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BM Caterers launches ‘Pearfect’ benefits package for teams

The workplace catering firm has introduced an industry-leading inclusive benefits package for its teams, reflecting the company’s continued commitment to inclusivity.

The programme ‘Pearfect’, which launched this month, includes enhanced partner leave, as well as IVF and grandparent leave.

BM has committed to providing team members with 24 weeks of fully paid maternity leave and four weeks of secondary carer leave, as well as three days of grandparent leave, all of which extend to families welcoming new members through adoption and surrogacy.

The company is also offering four weeks of fully paid leave for each period of fertility treatment.

This is in addition to BM team members already being able to take advantage of paid leave for their wedding/commitment day and birthday, one day a year for volunteering, and free meals during working hours.

BM’s team members can also benefit from Aviva wellbeing perks, including an annual health check, and six mental health consultations, six nutritional consultations and two digital GP sessions per year for them or their immediate family.

Murray Soper, Head of People and Talent at BM said: “At BM, we know how important life outside of work is to our team members. We want all our employees to have a great work-life balance and know they are supported by their employer, which allows them to bring their best selves to work each day. 

“To reflect this, we’ve updated our benefits package to demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity, with the introduction of secondary carer leave to enable partners of any gender supporting someone having a baby, including throughsurrogacy or adoption, with four weeks of fully paid leave. We’re also providing extra support to team members undergoing IVF treatment and extra time off for grandparents to spend with their new family members.”

Navigating FM efforts to sustainability 

As environmental protection demands unified action, transparency, and heightened awareness, Biological Preparations has launched an initiative to catalyse sustainability efforts within the FM sector.

FM businesses face unique challenges and heightened expectations of eco-initiatives from their clients. Yet, behind the scenes in FM businesses, many environmental initiatives, rollouts and even planning, are not broadcasted and transparent.

Have your say: Sustainability Trends in FM 

The UK biotech company’s five-minute, anonymous FM-focused survey, offers FM professionals of all hierarchies with a platform to voice their perspectives and share their experiences. The results from this survey will then be analysed and presented as an industry-specific report, which aims to guide FM businesses helping them benchmark trends, gain clarity on industry challenges, and map out goals and metrics towards sustainability.

To share your experiences, please click here.




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