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Energy management

Zero carbon buildings

David Clark, Partner at international engineering and sustainable building consultancy, Cundall in Sydney, and principal author of the first Green Star rating tool in Australia, suggests ways that office tenants can still aim to become a zero-carbon business This is ...

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Levels of protection

Alan Luscombe, Director at Uninterruptible Power Supplies, a Kohler company, explains the Uptime Institute’s Tier Classification System and the role of UPS in achieving compliance The Tier Classification System is a tool created by the Uptime Institute with the fundamental ...

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Together as one

Karl Walker of Beckhoff Automation explains how a building automation control platform can bring building functions together on one integrated system and simplify facilities management The International Energy Agency predicts that global energy consumption will rise by up to 30 ...

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Protect & Survive

All critical systems require protection from electrical disturbances, but choosing the right UPS solution depends on the individual needs of the organisation, says Alan Luscombe a director at Uninterruptible Power Supplies, a Kohler company For some organisations, an uninterruptible power ...

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Saving daylight; losing energy? Shining a light on daylight saving time

David Willetts, Chairman of SerraLux Inc., discusses how capturing the power of daylight can help organisations save up to 60 per cent in electricity costs. Alongside the energy savings that can be reaped by harnessing natural light he explains the ...

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Energy: supply and demand

Onsite energy storage has the potential to reduce organisations’ operating costs and generate income from the National Grid. John Hudson, managing director of Boston Renewables, explains It’s widely accepted that the solution to Britain’s energy challenge is not just more ...

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Keep on running

Every organisation needs to ensure that their data processing and communications equipment is protected from interruptions in the mains power supply.  Alan Luscombe, director at Uninterruptible Power Supplies, a Kohler company, looks at the many different types of electrical disturbance ...

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Lighting up best practice


In this article Alister Anthony from Arcus Solutions, highlights some of the key areas to consider when it comes to efficient and cost effective long-term lighting solutions for a retail environment. According to the Carbon Trust, up to 40 per ...

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Powering Up


In this article, Alan Luscombe, director at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd., a Kohler company, discusses the factors to be considered when adding a generator to a UPS system. These range from designing in electrical compatibility to addressing environmental and physical ...

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The surprising world of HVAC

The hidden world of air conditioning is an often overlooked yet vital part of a building’s structure. Operating in almost every industry from healthcare and manufacturing to IT and education, effective temperature control is essential to a facilities manager’s role ...

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