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Flowscape makes Hybrid working possible

Work is what we do, not where we go. Every workplace has to be an environment that allows for individual needs as well as the team dynamic; it must provide space for creativity and productivity. It has to be frictionless. It is not about technology – but every great workplace has to have the right tech, algorithms and processes to support physical and digital connection and collaboration. That’s what Flowscape does. Flowscape exists to reduce time-wasting and tear down barriers for interaction – via an app on your smartphone or your PC – you can plan your day and where you spend it.

Using our Flowplanner tool you can access a map – at home, in the office or on the move – to see exactly what’s going on in your workplace. Flowplanner lets you see who in your team is working where, which gives you a chance to book a desk or work area are near enough to collaborate with your colleagues as smoothly as possible. You can also gauge how busy a section of the office, or a floor might be and choose the best and most effective location to maximise your own workflow. Flowscape also allows for interaction with other systems used across the workplace so that you can maximise your collaboration potential and stay on track.

This level of interaction also means the office team can gather information about what happens in the workplace, who goes where, which section or floor is the most popular and even which building in an organisation estate is the most effective workplace. This usage data is invaluable for all back-office teams – FM, HR and IT as well as the estates teams. So, we keep the flow moving – both at an operational, employee level and a strategic level helping teams across an organisation to make informed decisions and where, when and how to work.

Everything we do is about creating a frictionless office environment. We want smooth flow of work and workplace and not waste time on things that shouldn’t take time. Using our systems you can plan where and when to work, who to collaborate with, and even shape your work environment. Flowscape helps you to connect, create, and use the workspace in the best possible free flowing way possible. Find out some ways we can help you to love the office and collaborate here: https://flowscapesolutions.com/solutions/digital-workplace.


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