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Utilisation data is a key metric for companies rethinking office design amid greater hybrid work

With the increase in hybrid work, access-card swipes, WiFi logins and occupancy sensors are the new data currency for companies rethinking office design, according to a new study by global real estate advisor, CBRE. The study found that companies are ...

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Flowscape makes Hybrid working possible

Work is what we do, not where we go. Every workplace has to be an environment that allows for individual needs as well as the team dynamic; it must provide space for creativity and productivity. It has to be frictionless. ...

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Workplace sensors reveal geographical trends for office visits

The latest office occupancy data from workplace technology company Freespace has revealed obvious geographical differences for preferred days of the week to visit the office. Freespace believes these predictable occupancy patterns presents an opportunity to make buildings more responsive which will help ...

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Using smart sensor technology to optimise workspaces

Written by Peter Burbidge, MD, Pressac One of the biggest costs for most organisations is their office space. Or at least, it has been up until now. Companies have been forced to take a highly agile approach to meet challenges ...

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New COVID-19 management features for EntroWatch access control

The latest version of EntroWatch includes several new features to help make buildings COVID-19 Secure. EntroWatch is the award-winning access control software for Entro series door controllers and contactless card readers and keypads. The new COVID-19 management features include occupancy ...

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