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No more long pipe runs with the CONTI+ lumino+

The lumino+ washbasin faucet with integrated small tankless water heater, proves to be a clever alternative to the long, sluggish pipe runs often used for hot water heating.

Thanks to a mixing sensor, that is unique on the market, a cross-flow of cold water is prevented and the water is reliably heated to 50 °C. The smart lumino+ water saving faucet is equipped with a small tankless water heater that ensures water only flows when it is actually needed thus reducing energy and water usage. Thanks to the short pipe runs, hot water is available immediately, with no preheating time while the touch-free IR sensor operation supports consumption on demand. Safe, convenient maintenance is possible with the sanitary rinse function to prevent germ growth, along with other additional functions such as the “pause” button and basin filling mode.

Discover the reliability and innovation of CONTI+, contact Paul Musgrove, UK Development Manager.

For more information visit https://conti.plus/ or email paul.musgrove@conti.plus


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