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OCS shortlisted for prestigious Cateys Award

OCS’ catering brand, Angel Hill’s Goodness initiative, has been shortlisted for a Cateys Award in the Health and Nutrition Award category.

The Cateys acknowledge outstanding performers, inspiring brands, and top achievers within the hospitality sector, as determined by industry professionals.

The Goodness initiative was born from a need to communicate the value of proper nutrition, debunk food fads, and reintroduce fun into healthy eating. Its team of chefs and nutritionists passionately crafted pathways to bring diverse, nutrient-dense meals to teams. In 2023, the initiative was bolstered with customised and cost-conscious approaches in both the public and private sectors, and through strategic investments, has empowered on-site catering managers with resources to provide nutritious meals to teams nationwide.

The initiative comprises various forms of activation material and events aimed at introducing “more of the good stuff” into eating. The team carried out local pop-ups on customer sites, including schools and hospitals, engaging in complimentary ‘Goodness Lessons’ for students. These lessons communicated how foods can aid students in their learning and processing. In hospitals, the team engaged in complimentary ‘Coffee & Chat Sessions’, taking the familiar format of a coffee chat to create an engaging, conversational setting for healthcare residents. This provided insight into evidence-based information to empower residents on the benefits of proper nutrition.

Apart from the events and pop-ups carried out by the teams, the Goodness initiative also aimed to tackle a more climate-conscious food service delivery by providing “reduced-carbon recipes”. These recipes, where possible, use 20 per cent less meat, substituting with lentils and pulses instead. This approach does not entirely isolate the large percentage of the population that still eats meat, but slightly alters the recipe to use less of it.

Iona Hudson, OCS Nutritionist commented: “I am proud of the work Goodness has done and the people we have reached and impacted. This nomination serves as a signifier of the importance of properly and accessibly communicating the benefits of healthy eating. We look forward to doing more with Goodness. Thank you to the Cateys for this recognition, and good luck to our fellow nominees.”

The winners will be announced on 2 July at JW Marriott Grosvenor House London.

Navigating FM efforts to sustainability 

As environmental protection demands unified action, transparency, and heightened awareness, Biological Preparations has launched an initiative to catalyse sustainability efforts within the FM sector.

FM businesses face unique challenges and heightened expectations of eco-initiatives from their clients. Yet, behind the scenes in FM businesses, many environmental initiatives, rollouts and even planning, are not broadcasted and transparent.

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The UK biotech company’s five-minute, anonymous FM-focused survey, offers FM professionals of all hierarchies with a platform to voice their perspectives and share their experiences. The results from this survey will then be analysed and presented as an industry-specific report, which aims to guide FM businesses helping them benchmark trends, gain clarity on industry challenges, and map out goals and metrics towards sustainability.

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