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Screenworks launches antiviral gloves through Bumpaa brand

Screenworks, through its burgeoning brand, Bumpaa™, has launched a new antiviral gloves range. These high quality, touchscreen enabled, antiviral gloves are treated with ViralOff® technology. The ViralOff® treatment is proven to reduce tested viruses, (including the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19), by over 99% on the material in two hours1.

Designed to protect the textiles from harbouring viruses or bacteria, ViralOff® does not interfere with the skin’s natural bacterial flora and lasts for the product’s lifetime. The gloves do not require regular washing. For best performance and sustainability, the products should be washed less, only when needed.

MOQ’s start at 10 pieces and are available from stock for delivery from 24 hours. Gloves can be branded with corporate logo with either a transfer print or embroidery on the rear of each glove.

1.ISO18184:2019 (SARS-CoV-2, H3N2, H1N1) ViralOff protects treated fabrics from bacterial or viral contamination but does not protect against infection or disease.

For more information visit https://bumpaa-protect.com/our-products/gloves/ or email sales@bumpaa-protect.com


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