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FSI retains Cyber Essentials Plus certification

Cyber Essentials Plus helps an organisation to guard themselves against a cyber attack. FSI first achieved this top level status in 2019, and successfully retained it in 2020.

FSI, the leading Concept Evolution CAFM/IWMS technology provider, has successfully retained the Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

The certification helps FSI to guard against a cyber-attack and demonstrates commitment to cyber security.

This government backed scheme protects FSI against a range of the most common cyber-attacks. It allows us to bid for central government contracts which involve handling sensitive and personal information, or the provision of certain technical products and services.

The usual hands-on technical verification was this time successfully carried out remotely and was further strengthened by FSI having a dedicated Cyber Security Engineer team.

The assessment included the testing of the following five controls for correct implementation, with various simulated attack scenarios carried out:

1) Secure configuration – the measure required when building and installing computers and network devices to reduce unnecessary vulnerabilities

2) Boundary firewalls and internet gateways – providing a basic level of protection where an organisation connects to the internet.

3) Access control and administrative privilege management – protecting user accounts and helping prevent misuse of privileged accounts.

4) Patch management – keeping the software used on computers and network devices up to date and resisting low level cyber-attacks.

5) Malware protection – protecting against a broad range of malware, including computer viruses, worms, spyware, botnet software and ransomware.

The certification is awarded through the National Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Essentials Partner, the IASME Consortium. Dr Emma Philpott, CEO of the IASME Consortium said: “We’re delighted for FSI and I congratulate them for continuing to recognise the key role cyber security plays in any organisation. This certification is also a true demonstration to their clients that FSI continues to consider the importance of their customers’ security as much as their own.”

Pete Tyler, Director of Technology at FSI, advised: “Retaining proven cyber security controls is important to our business and demonstrates to our current and future clients that we continue to take security seriously.”

FSI thanks NCC Group, a Cyber Essentials Certified Body, for helping with the certification process.

Fore more information visit www.fsifm.com


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