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Sodexo Healthcare research reveals key role of non-clinical interventions in patient recovery

The majority (93 per cent) of inpatients believe they are more likely to get better quicker and leave hospital sooner if they have had a positive hospital experience, according to new YouGov research for Sodexo Healthcare. Non-clinical interventions were critical to an inpatient’s experience – accounting for two of the top five factors cited, with cleanliness (50 per cent) being only second to the approachability of the clinical staff (71 per cent) and was viewed as more important than the procedure itself among inpatients.

The survey, which was completed by a representative sample of over 2,000 UK adults and commissioned to mark the launch of Sodexo Healthcare’s new bedside-based insights platform, Experiencia, highlights the vital role of non-clinical interventions and resolving patient issues quickly to improve the patient experience and deliver enhanced outcomes.

Simon Lilley, Director of Strategy & Marketing, Sodexo Healthcare UK & Ireland, said:

“At Sodexo, we are passionate about how our people and real time data and insights can improve the patient experience and outcomes. As our research shows, putting things right during a patient’s stay not only reassures them that their experience matters it can also play a valuable role in how they view other aspects of their care pathway.

“The Experiencia platform is unlike anything else in the UK today. It gives our teams and our clients timely insights to ensure that today’s patients are getting the best possible experience and helps build an understanding of where to target improvement for tomorrow’s patients too. This unique platform can help to have a positive impact on the length of stay and patient satisfaction.”  

Patient experience is a critical issue for healthcare providers. While many track data on patient experience through retrospective patient surveys, very few can use the data to predict and implement the actions that will improve a patient’s experience in real-time.

Sodexo Healthcare developed Experiencia to enable non-clinical and clinical teams to better understand the real-time concerns and expectations patients have while in hospital. Issues can be proactively identified, tracked and fixed in the moment, enabling Sodexo and clinical teams to respond when it matters most – when the patient is still in hospital.

The platform not only unearths insight that allows teams to take immediate action to improve the individual experience but also identifies and highlights trends to ensure continuous improvement in non-clinical services.

The digital platform is combined with a dedicated Patient Ambassador who regularly speaks with patients at their bedside to obtain valuable real time feedback on their non-clinical experience. This information is fed into the platform to create intuitive dashboards and analytics, which pinpoint issues and trends.

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