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Cyber Warfare

With cybersecurity threats and attacks becoming an increasingly common occurrence Paul Bates, technical manager, Integrations Solution Centre at Schneider Electric asks whether you are leaving your building management system open to attack? Cybersecurity breaches are becoming an increasingly common occurrence and ...

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Safe and secure

In order to get inside Datum’s data facility in Hampshire you have to navigate a myriad of security checks and take a trip through a device that bears an uncanny resemblance to a transporter out of Star Trek (feel free ...

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Not so empty gestures

Think of a vacant property and the image of a dilapidated building probably comes to mind. It might be boarded up, covered in graffiti on the outside, dark, dirty and cold inside, and riddled with mould and even vermin. It’s ...

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Close Protection

Britain has seen a female prime minister lead us to victory in an inter continental war. The pay gap between men and women is as small as it has ever been. Angela Merkel sits astride Europe like a colossus (at ...

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West End Gardening

The name Covent Garden (coming as it does from “The Convent’s Garden,”) paints a picture of an idyllic pastoral scene. Fields, streams, sheep, maybe an acolyte or two tending the flower beds. Indeed this was once the case, but now ...

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