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Vacherin unveils Nutritious + Delicious 2.0

CH&CO’s specialist workplace caterer focusing on the London market, Vacherin, has developed and relaunched its healthy eating range, Nutritious + Delicious, to support the food, nutrition and lifestyle choices of its customers in the workplace.

Nutritious + Delicious has been designed to understand the differing needs of customers and ensure they have access to a vibrant and varied food and drink offer that supports healthy choices and active lifestyles.

The range focuses on three distinct categories – Impact, Strength and Vitality.

Impact: Ideal for those looking for healthy and environmentally conscious dishes. The range consists of super healthy, sustainable and low carbon dishes, full of colour, vibrancy and ingredients that explode with flavour. These predominantly plant-based dishes do not have high levels of saturated fats – unless beneficial, sugars or salt because they are made with natural whole plant foods and locally sourced vegetables.

Strength: Enhance athletic performance, endurance, improve recovery and build muscle. The functional foods in this range are high in energy, beneficial plant compounds, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, whilst still being full of lean protein, complex carbs and beneficial fats. These super fit dishes are also full of key nutrients that support fitness and fit into two distinct sub-categories, Pre-workout and Post-workout.

Vitality: Delicious tasting, scientifically formulated no-nonsense healthy food. The range comprises of simple, flavoursome, unprocessed and fresh foods. With a great balance of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, beneficial fats and health-benefitting functional foods that help to support energy production and brain function – this range is perfect for a healthy pick me up.

The relaunch of Nutritious + Delicious is led by Vacherin’s Chef and Nutritionist, Gary Baverstock. He commented: “The world of nutrition is rapidly changing, and customer interest and understanding is steadily growing with it. The workplace has also never been more demographically diverse than it is today, and that level of diversity is paired with different tastes and behaviours.

“This has given us the opportunity to develop Nutritious + Delicious and be even more creative in how we appeal to our diverse customer base, such as those interested in fitness, the environment, sustainability, plant-based foods, health and wellbeing, and delicious great looking food. A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t practical, particularly in the field of nutrition and nor should it apply to our customers. Nutritious + Delicious has been designed to understand their differing needs and to ensure we are giving them dishes that support healthy choices and active lifestyles.”

The Nutritious + Delicious range features over 150 nutritionally analysed recipes that fall under the easy-to-identify Government traffic light labelling scheme. Each recipe also comes with full calorie and allergen information.

The range is also supported by a dedicated Nutritious + Delicious website that features recipes, food and allergen information, as well as Health Matters, offering expert advice from Vacherin’s nutritionist and Food in Focus, a nutritional guide to seasonal ingredients. Handy QR codes give customers instant access to the website and recipes, as well as adding dishes direct to the MyFitnessPal app.

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