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A defibrillator was the difference between life and death for Ripon

The day Ripon suffered an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) was like any other day. He had finished work and was on his way home from his Muay Thai class when everything changed. He knew instantly that something was wrong and started to look for help, but almost immediately ended up collapsing in the street.

If a person has an OHCA, their chance of survival comes down to how quickly they can receive defibrillation & CPR. Thankfully, members of the public were able to access a nearby defibrillator and give Ripon the help he needed, saving his life.

“Having The Circuit, to know where the closest defibrillator is, that’s going to be the difference between life and death. It’s as simple as that.”

Ripon lived to share his story but sadly, this is not the case for 90% of people who suffer an OHCA. Thousands of people die every year in the UK and part of this is because the location of many publicly accessible defibrillators are not known, making them invisible in an emergency. This is where your organisation can make a difference.

Registering your organisation’s defibrillators on The Circuit is as easy as a few simple steps. You can then manage all of your defibrillators from a centralised database, with up to date information and notifications about your defibrillators’ emergency-ready status.

Your dashboard will help you to understand which members of your organisation are actively managing their defibrillators and will send you escalation emails if defibrillators are not being correctly maintained – allowing you to rest assured knowing that your suite of defibrillators will always be primed to save a life.

For people like Ripon, having a registered defibrillator nearby in an OHCA is a matter of life or death. Put your organisations’ defibrillators on the map now to help save more lives in your community.

Register your defibrillator here


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