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Are you equipped for flexible working?

If the past few months have shown us anything, it’s that flexible working from home is possible (albeit with a few technical failures to keep us entertained!).

Whilst many had set up temporary desk spaces when lockdown started, are you planning to encourage home-working as part of employee future working practices?

Invest in products to ensure permanent home working spaces are properly equipped with DURABLE’S remote and flexible working range.

Home offices come in many different shapes and sizes. DURABLE offer solutions for efficient and ergonomic workstations to ensure your staff are set up for home-working efficiently.

Monitor mounts and desk accessories such as wrist supports can help avoid a painful neck and back and even wrist stain, preventing costly long-term health problems. These make a positive difference quickly and are a smart investment for a much larger gain.

Monitor mounts

Wrist supports

It takes more than a laptop to make a home office. Desk accessories and multi-functional products maximise desktop space, which in turn helps to boost productivity and maintain mental clarity.

The VARICOLOR MIX drawer box brings colour-coded organisation and structured storage to any workplace along with its modern feel.

There are countless cables that come with PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phone chargers. DURABLE’s award winning CAVOLINE cable management range tames and hides the cable spaghetti with clips and the fire-retardant box.

Tablets are a great option for highly flexible workspace settings. DURABLE have developed a premium Tablet Holder Range, a functional tool for staff in changing environments.

VARICOLOR MIX drawer box


CAVOLINE cable management range

premium Tablet Holder Range

For more information, please email hello@durable-uk.com

View DURABLEs Home Office Guide by visiting www.durable-uk.com


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