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FlowFresh Urinal Treatment Solution Urinal Issues? NO PROBLEM. We have the solution

Fed up with urinal and bad smells?

With UrineFREE™ and FlowFresh™ you will have no more blockages from uric acid, and if you follow our recommendations urine odours will be a thing of the past too.

Is your facility struggling with Urine issues in restrooms, affecting your customers toilet experience.? Common products used to eliminate odours and unblock pipes just don’t WORK! The answer is urineFREE & Flow Fresh – Simply works!!

How it works

Removes uric crystal build up in urinals and drain lines, removes mineral build ups on the porcelain surfaces and deodourizes at the same time.

Flow Fresh™ softens and removes uric crystals from the urinals and drain line, therefore preventing blockages, backups and odours.

Used in conjunction with UrineFREE™ you can stop urine odours and blocked urinal drains permanently, be it watered or waterless urinals. UrineFREE™ works through a natural bio-enzymatic process.

Containing billions of natural microbes, this cleaning army of mother nature, treats the urine crystals as a food source and consumes them through a completely natural and safe process known as bio-remediation. Results will be apparent within 36-48 hours – Make this part of your cleaning routine, every 1 or 2 hours or whatever you program is.


Urinal pipe before treatment                                    Urinal pipe after treatment

How FLOW FRESH™ Gel works

Flow Fresh™ Gel is made to cling to the inside of drains and pipes so that it may continue working around the clock. Flow Fresh™ Gel is FAST ACTING and extremely effective at breaking down and digesting organic material – uric acid, (proteins,starches and sugars) from hard to reach drains and and also areas where drain flies breed.

Flow Fresh™ and Flow Fresh™ Gel are designed to keep urinals clean and helps eliminate odours from drains and improve flow in slow drains. Safe for all types of plumbing. Non-pathogenic and non-caustic. It eats the uric acid which is the source of the blockage in restroom urinals and their associated pipework. Also ideal for keeping commodes clean and fresh as its clings to the bowl.

Kitchen, Soda Fountain & Bar Drains

FLY TREATMENT: apply to each drain. Apply around edge of drain, attempting to coat sides of drain, twice a week. This will eliminate the food source and breeding areas for drain flies.

SODA FOUNTAINS: Apply to the outside edge of drain, attempting to coat sides of drain. Ideal for keeping the system clean of sugar and keeping it smelling fresh.

Urinal treatment program – watered and waterless urinals

1. Spray UrineFREE™ liberally all over the urinal surface area in and under and Into the drain. This will clean all urine and leave a shine on the unit. Wipe down outside if needed.

2. Spray UrineFREE™ over the wall and surface area around the urinal to remove the oversplash and also spray the floor. Once done, you can mop the floor without spreading urine all over. The more contact time the better the result. You can leave the walls or wipe down if required.

3. Remove cap of Flow Fresh™ Gel and pour around the drain and urinal base. As the urinal is used the gel will dilute. Flow Fresh™ Gel goes into pipes freshening the odours by keeping the pipework clear of uric acid.

4. If you are using gel screens put them over the Flow Fresh™ Gel that was spread earlier. When re-applying Flow Fresh™ Gel, pour it under the screen.

Save water – reduce flushes 50, 75 or even 100%. A typical urinal uses 100,000 litre
of water per year. Imagine 2 urinals = 200,000, 4 urinals= 400,000! Etc Start the program and stop the water after 72 hours.

Environmental Biotech International is the research company behind UrineFREE™ with over 21 years invested in technologies, techniques and services which provide environmentally friendly solutions to facility maintenance and hygiene problems.

Contact us, we can set up the program for you for best results.

For wholesale or retail enquires contact us on tel: 0203 997 0066, visit urinefree.com or email: sales@ebiorg.com


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